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Frage von mr_lou:
April 2006

"You know, as a combat diver, yes, there brauchste nerves like pretzel sticks"

Fancy entertaining films of this dynamic young filmmakers? Then you're in spacious-films.de correct. You are with this, when a cinematic masterpiece created after the other. Expect a nice community. We have 3 little movies online and are already planning the next one. You can post your opinions with us in the guestbook or what would be even better, you register with us:)

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Accessible at: spacious-films.de

Antwort von prem:

Ok, well still seems to want to say something to None. What do you say that because of the movie "cs_ueberfall"?

Download: HERE

Antwort von Bernd E.:

When I came over your site only to blank, white pages, I have it on your download link yet managed to still watch the movie "cs_überfall.
For the message of the film, I can not write anything because I did not become clear what is supposed to have the film. Amusing he should be fine, but for me it has caused more perplexity and shaking his head. Where's this at the violence of young people or should it be a parody of something? In both cases, simply not true did not deliver. The same thing struck work for the camera: When the main character has to move like a kangaroo in the carnival must (why?), Then please at least begrudge the camera a tripod! Has fallen to me, however, the music, with the background you have the header. It may be that your other films are more convincing, but for "cs_überfall" I have not seen me. Sorry.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Ollywood:

Juhu, a reply, ok, ersma Thank you that you have it considered you:)

So "cs_ueberfall" to scenes from the game "Counter Strike represent. The Herumgehopse was once so synonymous in the game. We have tried to pack as much of the game into real life. As example would throw away the weapon and get a new s.Anfang, the target Rumgehopse, The torch, which seems to be attached s.Körper and the night vision device. The sense was that the audience s.Anfang think it was a question a robbery, but the ending is that the terrorists are just stealing sweets. Is probably not coming over: D

As far as the shooting with tripod, the scenes in the house are still with Tripod filmed, the rest does not remember why I do not know myself anymore, but I can promise that the next film (turning completely within 1-2 weeks), unless the script otherwise requires, is filmed with Tripod.

And as far as HP is concerned, you're the first to review this report. Which browser do you use?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

Then is the "cs" in the title probably for Counter Strike? My bad luck that I know this game only in name. Insiders can then begin with your movie, of course, much more! My browser is the way the Safari 1.3.2. of Apple.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Axel:

"Bernd E." wrote:
My browser is the way the Safari 1.3.2. of Apple.

My synonymous. After having "groped a skip", appears a white screen. A click into the void, however, leads next.

I agree with Bob's opinion. Counterstrike and associates are known well enough to be provided to the viewer.
About 15 years ago I had the same problem with a Super 8 movie about Super Mario, platthüpft in a too-Music of the Games in Stop Motion by Moving Type nightlong Jump on Toad and Mini Dinos his pets. Non-gamblers were the silly and tasteless, I found it funny.

s.Es would have helped to show the type as a player.

b) a little alienation would have been chic.

c) A minute ago, and credits of equal measure with annoying!

Antwort von Ollywood:

Mh, ok, that I am again with the HP verifiable.

That Counterstrike, however, will be unknown, but now I would say absolutely nich. With the massacre in Erfurt a few years ago the game had gained notoriety as the most intensively madmen to have it played. Well, no preference.

What exactly do you mean with "alienation"?

The end credits, is only 10 seconds long, the header 30 seconds, but that is wanted, since the film was to begin, when suddenly the music is fast:)

Antwort von Axel:

"Anonymous" wrote:
With the massacre in Erfurt a few years ago the game had gained notoriety as the most intensively madmen to have it played. Well, no preference.

'Hey, it's probably not no preference. I certainly felt by the fame of the game to Erfurt no obligation to buy the game to counter the gossip outraged my newly acquired understanding of the offender can. You give yourself with too small a target audience happy.

"Anonymous" wrote:
What exactly do you mean with "alienation"?

The green infrared simulation in the stairwell. The odd thing is, if the cat tree in the vision of the player as a killer robot, the banal moving van Military, etc. I mean something more frequent juxtaposition.

"Anonymous" wrote:
The end credits, is only 10 seconds long, the header 30 seconds, but that is wanted, since the film was to begin, when suddenly the music is fast:)

Already clear. The Net is a 30 sec intro is about 25 seconds too long, if you miss, jump into the middle of happening. The grommet 30 sec but with the guy with red-rimmed eyes as he sits in front of the PC, the envelope with the title of the game next to his clenched hand (cut sequence), above which, incidentally, very well-chosen music and the credits. Do this after all, man! I'm sure everyone will be thrilled. I'm serious!

Antwort von Ollywood:

So the thing with the alienation is true. These are really class ideas. The intro would be cool if the person sees or in conjunction with the game. It's just hrhr that I was with the lead actor in a conflict not so well understood, so that is probably nothing more, but anyway thanks for the tips.

Maybe I can address with our next movies even more people. Does a "Pimp My Ride"? (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimp_My_Ride)

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