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Frage von nightworker:

Hi, for some people this will seem strange to ask, but for me as a loan ....

so the question is, how are these effects as they zb ProSieben intro starts eg advertising, etc.

is the flash, or based on other formats?

Had really already been searched in the forum, so the question is either too stupid ... :-) Would love if someone could help


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

The question is absolutely hilarious, you can not answer at all ...

Try again ...


Antwort von AndyZZ:

For you as a layman:
The effects can be improved with any compositing program (such as After Effects) or synonymous 3D programs (Cinema 4D, for example) are made. Flash is certainly synonymous.
Reputation with Pro 7 s.and demand. They are the only ones who know.


Antwort von matte:

In the 2D field, I am pretty sure the Prosieben works with After Effects, hab noch ne finally Stellenanzeige read where they can provide OnAir with After Effects designers have sought knowledge;)


Antwort von almosely:

Thank you very much,
I will now work with aftereffect, thank you.

Is it meaningful to Adobe premiere pro 2.0 Upzugraten, or the synonymous term from 6.0?


Antwort von steveb:

sometimes I'm already not happy to be German ... :-)


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