Infoseite // spontaneous, short video from the fair / Kerwe in the village (Canon 5D)

Frage von RocknRoyal:


actually wanted to snap a few pictures regarding my son on the Kerwe etc and then got way more times a few short video clips recorded and edited together briefly just ultimately spontaneously:



Antwort von deti:

As of 1:43 no more Picture - until then not so very interesting. All others this is probably not noticed previously because they could not stand it until then.



Antwort von RocknRoyal:

Funny guy:) criticism is one thing, but the "not sustained" is just "setting, six"


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


s.Anfang I think the video was kind of cool, just the first recording.


I find the colors too extreme, the film seems so forced to look.

Many also have jerkiness in it. Why? What did you do there? If the one be Ghost Effect, or if the motion s.der slow, you made on it? Or just cut?

Are often blurred in the video.

My Conclusion: All in all, just a classic video with a few test shots and gimmicks and nothing so special, especially not for one 5D.



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