Infoseite // synonymous wenns blöd sound of mini dv to pc?

Frage von Malu:

Hello Forum

have the following problem: I should my material filmed on mini dv
s.pc "raw cut, and then for final editing on mini dv pass.
I am interested to know if I cut the material back to mini dv can draw?
does it with a fire wire cable? camera is panasonic nv gs 230th have so far found nothing about ...


Antwort von chris67:

Yes, it works, but the camera on.
This will need a DV input, to put it back on it to play. The Pana NV-GS230 has, I believe only a DV output, so it will unfortunately be nothing.


Antwort von beiti:

Unfortunately, the GS230 does not DV - In (ie, the fast firewire interface works only as a DV output and input can not be changed). Therefore you can with the GS230, unfortunately, no material back to tape to play.

It's best you play the material via firewire into the PC (which can GS230), make the desired rough and you rent after the termination of the rough just a camcorder with DV - In from.


Antwort von Malu:

Thanks for your reply.
have ne other camera (sony older) are available, perhaps the das



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