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welche fieldeinstellung bei dvd produktion

the field setting for dvd production

Frage von alex 1984:
Dezember 2007

hallo freunde!

have the problem with export my movies to dvd with encore 2 before all beuibewegungen strong quake.

liegtt in the data section at 6.5 mb / s, ie, already rather low.

nevertheless always tremble!
could be the recruitment field: lower field first to blame?
I should be progressive, or some upper field first?

ask for your help, the whole time sitting in front of computer and try to solve the problem, but until now just hats ned geklappt.

many thanks and good slip!

lg alex

Antwort von Markus73:

"alex 1984" wrote:
liegtt in the data section at 6.5 mb / s, ie, already rather low.

This is not low. Although the quality of the encoder much more significant than the data rate falls. When I MainConcept encoder can I use the data to 5000 kbit / s lower, not one really noticed, and even in the direction of 4000 kbit / s, it is not really synonymous bad.

could be the recruitment field: lower field first to blame?

In itself it is quite the usual way for a DVD. What has Halbbildfolge because the source material or where it originates?


Antwort von alex 1984:

So I have the raw material of my camera on the pinnacle schnittakrte than one per pinnacle dv avi imported into Premiere 6.5, where everything I've cut together. (both for export imoprt as synonymous always the recruitment field: lower field first)

then I cut the material with the pinnacle dvd mp2 codec exported (6 mb / s, which is synonymous the lowest data rate for this dvd codec) and these files I then imported into encore. that means we need nothing more encore transcode.

the MPEG 2 file s.computer runs flawlessly, but when I use the all in my complex and integrated as a menu dvd had burned, the building shakes, no preference where I play it: s.dvd player or s.computer.
synonymous in the encore at the preview everything fits, just finished the dvd makes problems.
Kanne s codec pinnacle of that with the encore not cope?
it is better, from the film premiere dv avi as a 6.5 out and then only in an encore in the MPEG 2 file to convert?

lg alex

Antwort von widibum:

"alex 1984" wrote:
s.dvd player or s.computer synonymous in encore preview when everything fits, just finished the dvd makes problems.

Hi Alex,

So I had to MAGIX video deluxe synonymous always exactly the same problem. Once the DVD player was shaking the picture, especially if the camera pans. Now the solution that has helped me, hopefully synonymous dir:

Change your attitude of Field Bottom Field First on Top Field First. This went with me and in MAGIX always synonymous in EncoreDVD gabs never problems. Mark is right, normally would be the correct setting for DV camcorder recording from the Bottom Field First. Most Schnittporgramme immediately synonymous interpret the beginning of "right" and make bottom-Field-First outside. Why it is precisely in this setting it trembles, I wonder synonymous, I can not tell you unfortunately. It is clear to me in any case that I will my DV recordings are always in top-Field-First converters, then everything works. Progressive I would not recommend that I leave the question open, but since I'm not sure, but as far as I have heard is progressive, that the material is deinterlaced, so no interlace place. But this is for playing s.Television urgent need, therefore, is progressive rather only for playback s.Computern, or via suitable Beamer. But as I said, I'm not sure. Take s.Besten Top Field First.

I hope I could help you ...

Mfg Dobby

Antwort von widibum:

Can that be with the Encore Pinnacle codec is not clear
the tremor indicates synonymous aif a wrong way Halbildfolge
the times should check with Gspot and react accordingly.

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