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Frage von face33:

hey leute,

how to get getteth that one son schreibmaschmaschieneneffekt riff. rather, that every single letter and digit synchronously with this tip-sound match. you already know what I mean, something like one-and military-in almost every action film from an exciting mission that gets typed Informatioen typed on this mission. oh you hard to explain --- please help me ...



Antwort von Phyro-Mane:

1 minutes forums search feature:
Typewriter effect?
Try removing the near future to select meaningful thread title.
Is otherwise just like sneak preview, we do not know what to expect.


Antwort von Detati:

If you want to install this for example in its Holiday movie times for fun, is it okay.

But I find this effect in most shooting really unnecessary. It is horrible and senseless to be reminded every time s.The motif changes constantly, and now WHAT is to be for a building and WHO since now just beginning to talk.

Establishing One-Shot (often unnecessary) with ADDITION still in the form of a declaration of a military-looking typewriter fonts, what have they now present just below this location. Horrible. No evidence of good screenplays.


Antwort von Marco:

You could solve this in Vegas at least two different ways:

1. In Vegas tracks via keyframing tool: For each keyframe a letter.

2. Creating a static tool with the Vegas tracks to the track, then apply a Wipe out the more or less erratic one letter after another release (synonymous to the Fades in Vegas (s.Version 6)) are controlled by keyframes.

A more detailed description as a PDF tutorial for the first method can be found on our website under / tutorials.php - there it is a tutorial called "typewriter text animation.



Antwort von Markus:

"Phyro-Mane" wrote: Try removing the near future to select meaningful thread title.
" 4. In die Titelzeile schreibe ich...
" Use meaningful, specific subject lines


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