Infoseite // this video is driving me crazy !!!!!!!

Frage von ident77:


it is a problem capturing (DV-IN), eh klar.
First of, I have Virtual Dub, Dvio and Screnalyzer on my calculator and with none of the 3 (and these are not any Programs) succeeds me this damned video on my Mini-DV tape of my SonyDigi Cam Type HC96 via firewire to capture.

So I can this video on your calculator (for instance by VLC player) to play smoothly.
A few features of this AVI videos as VirtualDub "File Information":

Video Stream:

.) Frame size = 320x240
.) Four CC code = unknown
.) Decompressor = Uncompressed RGB24
.) Length = 51 min., 76000 frames

Audi Stream:

.) Audio Tag: not decodable, Microsoft PCM format, PCM (Uncompressed)

So all in all, not really an insurmountable problem.

Just made me aback, for example, that when you try this video using Virtual Dub with the down of my previously loaded Panasonic DV codec (in Compressionseinstellungen) on the hard drive as AVI save the error message "Can not start video compression, the source image format is not acceptable "came from. Then have the video via Virtual Dub after unreadable frames are scanned and the result was bizarre: 0 frames masked (0 bad frames, 0 frames good but undecodable) häää ?!?!?!
However, this video would then be sent via DVIO directly onto tape to play and see DVIO there because of the error: Could not open file for reading!.
Ok, as far as good, then with just Screnalyzer. Loading my video into the program and see then I see nothing, only gray in gray instead of thumbnails?
Says something is going on?

Mfg. Jürgen


Antwort von ksr:

Dear Jürgen,

one can per-DV in only play videos back to exactly the DV - standard! Your video is unfortunately far from: Framesize should be 720x576! And the codec: DV-avi! Probably you have something quite different when VD is not even recognized ...).

You should in any case only after VD with DV avi convert, until then you can via firewire off on the Cam.
If the conversion does not work, it might lie s.VD settings (Full Processing Mode to use!)


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The Movie Maker can capture quite well.
For the Weiterverabeitung would be another useful program.
Only the ScenalizerLive my opinion, is in a position to capture. In the absence of a DV camcorder in my current sphere, I can not verify.

How do you post the video to be? With an editing program, you can obviously synonymous capturing what the thing should be somewhat easier.


Antwort von tommyb:

If you are totally normal compliant files capture, then pick "WinDV".


Antwort von thos-berlin:

As the speaker said: Per Firewire PAL videos are only 720x576 / 25 FPS transfer.

How is it at all, that you such a reduced format?

If the original video of a DV camera came, they had exactly 720x576 / 25 FPS - format.

The mini-format can only arise if you analog material with any grave Bern with inappropriate settings umwandelst, in the editing program setting a wrong project, or did the average result in an incorrect format ausgibst.

So what is happening here?

You can try the material into a PAL timeline to place and back as a PAL DV-AVI output for you. The Quallität in this Resolutionsollte itself in about a normal VHS tape move.


Antwort von ident77:


erstmal danke s.alle.
Ok, it was pretty naive to think that I am on this little tape format brings.
This is a video of a friend for whom I almost ne tape backup to do it, do not ask me why he sent me this format has made available, I think even he knows it not. My own video capture I have only with appropriate codec nem eg Panasonic DV codec and MainConcept DV codec.

Mir is already clear that I have first to convert DV-AVI should be, but, as previously described it works with Virtual Dub and as the Panasonic DV codec is not (synonymous in Full Processing mode!), I suppose I've only s.daß to 720x576 so it will be Virtual Dub works, or is it perhaps s.Codec, but should I use another?

What does it mean specifically the material under a PAL timeline to lay?
What programs do I need this or what would be suitable for this?

Mfg. Jürgen


Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you have the video with other software on the calculator watch it, then there is a justified hope that synonymous an existing video editing program that can read.

I do not work with you of the programs mentioned, but try again, if one of your programs this video show (show) can. (At the top You write that it probably does not work). If one can look at the times but if there is a Optiion "Export" and if you are in the DV-AVI can. Experiments (for success), then this converted file to the recorder to play.

Have you in addition to the aforementioned programs synonymous a real editing program, then you create a new DV-PAL Project and try to file in this project to import. Then - as the file is readable - it directly to the insert in the time line of the cutting program to convert.

Otherwise, there are special conversion programs. Search it out after the software "Super". Perhaps the help.


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