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transp. Layer (Alphakanal?) erzeugen

transp. Layer (alpha channel?) Produce

Frage von Christian:
März 2006

Hi All,

I would like After Effects to create a transparent layer over an empty movie clip so that I can trace the underlying layer in this clip frame by frame. I've tried out all sorts of things, just not the layer transparent, so that I can not see the underlying clip. 've Got it, among other things with "Adjustment Layer" tries, but he is always white.
I will ultimately leave only the layer with the sketch (per tablet), left, delete the underlying video clip and use it a different background. Presumably, the transparent layer should probably be assigned an alpha channel ... I do not know how to do it. With Photoshop I know myself very well, but of After Effects, I've synonymous only the English version (6.5 Prof.) are available.


Antwort von Gast:

My suggestion:
Since you're probably better versed in Photoshop, you should be your movie from After Effects as a Photoshop export sequence.
Then you can frame by frame in Photoshop to make your thing and then re-imported as Photoshop sequence in After Effects.

Very important renumber: the frames are always good.

Good luck

Antwort von Jörg:

any black color surface that You produce, will fulfill your requirements. It is transparent in the comp, in effect an option can be used to effect the switch to transparent, but must be selected when exporting a format that the alpha channel with exports.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Christian:

@ Guest
I had initially synonymous as before, I just thought it was right in the video to draw faster. However, work in AE intensity of the pressure of the pen does not, so it would look in Photoshop would be better.

Only when I am out of Photoshop work, I would have to call up each picture individually and (as a psd?) New or save? 've Never exported as a Photoshop sequence. I'll try only once, which itself hinzukriegen and enroll else again, unless I get's to the series.
Thanks for the tip!

PS: the with the alpha channel or transparent layer in After Effects, I still would still be interested ...

@ Joe: Thanks for the tip! I'll try it! This video will (I must ultimately) exported as AVI-DV, so I can use it in the next premiere. As I do not really need more format that supports alpha channel, as the video up on the cut is indeed completely finished. The new background, I just sit synonymous in AE.
EDIT: which format it would support the alpha channel? If the quality is maintained and can be imported into the premiere of 6.02, which is perhaps very helpful!


Antwort von Jörg:

export to QT animation, select the Settings + Alpha.
Some go lossless codecs synonymous, and the aforementioned image sequences psg tga and png. Look in the settings for those who export Alpha supported.
You can synonymous with the Vector brushes to paint on the footage, then follow the brush as the "Original Mat" can be calculated.

Antwort von Christian:

Export with Quicktime is difficult, all the QT effects are disabled for me, because the QT package is missing (at least in AE under 98SE, XP at AU did not at any way to run ...). I'm gonna try just once with the black color plane, I believe this is already sufficient.

Thanks again! :-)

Antwort von Gast:

Only when I am out of Photoshop work, I would have to call up each picture individually and (as a psd?) New or save?

When you export a PS sequence from AFX, you automatically get numbered, psd frames. If you then take the first of your psd images together in importierst AFX, you can Photoshop sequence "and select" Force alphabetical order "and AFX created another moving sequence of the individual frames.

As an alternative to PSD could make the whole with TGA or TIFF. All three support alpha channels.

Antwort von Christian:

@ Guest
Perhaps that's the way besere that with the transparent layer in AFX I kind of war eh not go so right ...

@ Joerg
somehow I'm too blod for hinzukriegen the with the transparent color area ...
I assume that is the English for "New Layer" function "solid" the colored surface. Under "Effects> Paint" you can put a check in transparent "Paint on". Then it becomes synonymous transparent, BUT you can only draw at this level, if I double-clicked on it to use the drawing tools to be able to. Only then everything is black and can be synonymous with the check in the "Paint" not transparent again and share.
've Ever tried it with ner pds, import them, but after double-click to paint it to be, this is synonymous black again ...

Really do not know how to unravel it. Please help!

Antwort von Jörg:

even the tip with the Vector Brush tried?
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Gast:

Have the times briefly tested in AFX 6.0 Pro, it would in 6.5, therefore
at least go synonymous. (Select Have a multi-language version, maybe that goes with you so synonymous: Language in the program folder / Language)

Double-click the clip in the timeline, then he is in the comp window.
Select a brush.
Duration: Single Frame
Drawing on the frame, forwards a frame, then paint on, etc.

Depending on what exactly you plan that could become quite cumbersome (no preference whether HP or AFX). Track Jörg's tip with "Original Mat" unfortunately tells me nothing - but sounds cool. I would be interested synonymous.

Then the whole brush keyframes to copy into a new solid color (eg green) and wegkeyen then the green.
New background darunterlegen.

Antwort von Jörg:

this is an option to calculate brush can actually be cool. Probably, but here goes, the only option "

Antwort von Christian:

@ Guest
The complex is definitely what I intend to do.
I have the hinbekommen already that I can trace a frame by frame, but only at the level or the video clip that is to serve only as a template. Who do I delete the later, everything would be gone. That is why I need ne transparent layer About the video clip. And if I double-click this transparent layer, it becomes black again ...
With auskeyen, since I am not a fan of, because the s.den edges is always something unclean. I've been in Prmiere behind me. If then only alpha channel out of the question, as with the Photoshop PSD's.
... can be synonymous only brushes the keyframes copy WITHOUT templates clip?

@ Joerg
the vector with the brush, I have to try it. I hope that in this case can not serve as an example path tool in Illustrator, because otherwise I can not work properly with the tablet ...
I do not need it anyway since no extra ne level? Otherwise, I hau but the brush with the vector drawn material together with the template clip away again ...


PS: sorry, have no Mulitlanguage, oh yes and sorry, hab synonymous Version 6.0 Prof! Not 6.5!

Antwort von Jörg:

So I think I have not understood what you're up to, the impression I won. For me to hear now how rotoskoping. Want to trace on each frame the same thing? Or trace an object over a period?
doubting Greetings Jörg

Antwort von Gast:

... can be synonymous only brushes the keyframes copy WITHOUT templates clip?

That is what I mean. You paint almost once on your actual video footage and can then further process the painted separately. Just adding all the keyframes from the paint-effect to a new level (eg, a solid color) copying.
This should ideally be around it will be transparent, what I have done in my brief test with keying. How to create a transparent layer (which seems indeed to be your main problem), I can not tell you on the fly synonymous, but seeing that Jörg had written what.
Unfortunately, just not the same as in Photoshop.

Incidentally, I have assumed you want to contours in video footage (ie, trace individuals od objects). Perhaps there but for what exactly you're planning a suitable effect. Sag doch mal ...

Antwort von Gast:

Oh yes, one more thing:
So actually I create transparent layers always the fact that I create a solid color and then a Color Key drauflegen, just that color wegmacht.
Have there never been thought about it, but would like to know now synonymous how to do it another way.

Antwort von Christian:

@ Joerg

So, I did the following:

I will make a short music video. It is each scene (with tripod) 2x filmed without moving the camera or to move it exactly 2x uniformly (only a simple pan). Once a person walks through the scene, the second time the same scene is NOT the person filmed.
Then I'll take the clip WITH the person as a template, draw only the person grossly after (frame by frame), slap the clip off and then put the 2nd clip below, as where the scene was filmed without the person.
The two together then results in a real environment with filmed sketched figure. Is ne Fummel considerable work, especially if you have the character of what is covered, etc., but that is no preference.
Now you know why I am asking all this?

@ Guest
there will be no filter, that could do it the way I imagine. In practice, only the main contours of the person to be seen, all very rude and crabbed to go but the movements (and so run) should be as realistic as possible, so I need ne template, by which I can judge me

I'm trying to finish ma a single picture, so that ye can better imagine. Only again, thanks for your help! :-)


Antwort von Jörg:

na then the answer is even easier.
Call it stubbornness of old age, I remain in the vector brush. Very slow to follow suit:
Put your footage in the timeline, contact Vector Brush, brush of your choice, play mode Current frame.Pinsel calculated as follows: In the original.
Times the person after. Turn on frame 2 with the Picture button off.
Times after the person, switch to Picture 3 and then next.
When you're done, the option to switch brushes calculate the "Only".
Your footage, it disappears, only the lines visible frame for frame.
Place the replacement of the clip with the background of the person of your strokes.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Christian:

@ Joerg
slowly, slowly ... ;-) I'm still full of the novice in AFX and then the English version ... 'll try but right now!

I hope to respond to the Vector Brush druckintensiv the tablet pen so you can make synonymous thinner and stronger lines. Other than that I only proposal with the Photoshop sequence.

I do not know yet whether I'll take white contours, but that it should look something like:

first time the template:

then the background of the person WITHOUT

And now, the combined scene

If you consider that one seconds contains 25 pictures, this is almost sick to want to fill in 3-4 minutes with it, but I hold myself to not go on forever so synonymous s.jedem frame ;-)


Antwort von Christian:

@ Joerg

So if you brush with the Vector Path tool to do that looks like a pen so I can be a graphics tablet to work, unfortunately, so is practically nothing. Do you know Illustrator? There's the same crop tool in Photoshop or synonymous to of motives.
Under the normal brush there for me no more, so I think time that you brush with the Vector Path tool really mean.

I hav synonymous for normal brush settings for "pressure" and found everything synonymous placed on this feature, but the different Duckstufen are very few. Actually, there's only 2-3: thin and hard to see, a little thicker and 100% opacity. The pen, however, supports up to 512 levels of pressure ... quality but it is still okay, so I could live with that, but then it would really make with the normal brush.

Antwort von babbelbekkie:

Oh Christian,
Synonymous AE has a help function. The vector brush is an effect, where you can find it under off effect .....

Antwort von Christian:

the help function in my skin, unfortunately, not go. Apparently he can not find the manual ... And if synonymous, isses in English.
Have found here, although a German PDF to AE, but the drag is too big for me, still always have a pathetic 56k modem ...

Did this with the Photoshop sequence ever tried, but I know, unfortunately, not synonymous, though I was there right now. In any case, since what is with the "layers". But he makes only the current frame ... Is it true that the "composition"? I'll take the function else can always "make movie ...", but since you only export to AVI. And under "File> Export" to export only synonymous's something like a flash. Where exactly do I find the Photoshop sequence export?

Sorry for the questioning, but I usually just do not come forward. I've known so many deals Programs, After Effects, but with me I'm still as good as ever.

Antwort von Jörg:

press Ctrl M, -> Output modules -> Format -> Photoshop sequence.

Antwort von Christian:

Hi Jörg,

The Photoshop sequence with the skin out. However, I have a brush with the vector rausgeknobelt now synonymous, synonymous with overlying layer that is transparent, so that we can chip away the templates, clip and grab nen new underneath. The way I wanted it! The vector brush is not bad, since he was still a little car straightened.
I'll try again now with the normal brush and ner level, which I try to make it transparent by nen color key. But that is only skin-out times.

Thanks again!

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