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Frage von martin0reg:

I have a question for powerdirector7

In what way we can have two clips that mix, that one of the one to the other hide out and her can?

The following idea:
I make a clip of a second version in black and white or as synonymous comic or drawing (; with filter for virtualdub msu)
Then I want these two otherwise identical versions of the videos together msichen and the one-and choose Hide / points.

With the power director can be as one with the soundtrack and hide.
The second video-track here is the "pip" (; picture in picture)-track provided. Now I'm not rausgefunden but how the points, which could be drawn between the two video-out tracks could herblenden and free set. I do the PIP track is more or less transparent, but unfortunately only globally for the whole dazumischen videoclip.

I am too much of powerdirector7 slowdown?

I have a better video editing program for disposal other than virtualdub, but only those with whom I design the filter. Can we possibly VD with two video tracks mixed together?


Antwort von martin0reg:

After an hour of employment I have the solution:
Both tracks are split s.den desired.
Since split where you just put the pip-track each hide a hook for a "-or".

My güte videoschnitt is complicated!
Where gubts the i-movie for the poor (; windows-user)?


Antwort von nohab:

Of Magix Movie Edit Pro is very good and cheap.
Vesser as I-movie.
Love Greetings


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