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Frage von dienheimer:

Hello, I wish a nice day.

I suggest long been surrounded with a problem,
've downloaded dozens of Programs and tested, but none
may seem that I would like to make.

Basically, it's actually quite simple:

I have two videos. Both represent the same Erigniss (A wedding in a church), only two of different perspectives.

Now I want to simply piecing both films so that in certain scenes of one to the other perspective is superimposed.
must logically but the timeline remains the same movement, song and Language synonymous match.

Previously we could all use the tapes with two video recorders and played back in parallel with a blend knob on the console of a video editing video to another point and her regulated.

And just as it should be synonymous with a work program.

All I've found so far s.Programmen, I must scneiden the films only in pieces and dan zusammenfriemeln again in which case the soundtrack mostly not true. (Ie scrap)

Perhaps you know a program (would be nice synonymous freeware) but this is actually simple function.

Thanks and regards



Antwort von campool:

The editing program should be mid. two video tracks, have the place to start would be ... and the Alerts when freeware in your size does not ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Demux the material then you have consistent material available as audio and video eel.

Then Schniebel handle video and grab the audio stream as a whole under it.

Video SUPER easy as drag can only spend a wav. that would be perhaps one of the easiest ways.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Any reasonably contemporary NLE can something like: Calls himself "Multi-Camera".

Built for example in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, etc. Only Windows Movie Maker can not. * Lol *


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