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Frage von gandlz:

Hi folks,

advance: the forum is really great! I know it is forever and always have solutions to my problems found. unfortunately not for this problem, so now I write just for yourself:

recently I broke my USB video grabber purchased. das ding actually works flawlessly with premiere, or synonymous with the movie maker.

but what I want to do:

I want my video recorder with vhs-cassettes watch (and while in fullscreen) without capturing them.
So the PC monitor as a "Television" to use. Since the TFT flat has no scart depends so grabber with the PC in between.

Unfortunately I found nothing there, or just looking wrong (more often the problem is)

WinTV've tried to install and hoped that the video grabber then as AV or something is a choice. Unfortunately, it is without a TV card WinTV not start.

I hope you understand that an old vhs cult simply wants to look at it without capture. As I said in full!

Thank times as far and sorry if there are (dozens) times mentioned.


Antwort von Markus:

"gandlz" wrote: I want my video recorder with vhs-cassettes watch (and while in fullscreen) [...] So the PC monitor as a "Television" to use.
Why do you use not just for television? Better is a VHS video at least not when it comes in all possible aspects to be converted to a PC monitor can be displayed.

Learn More:
Video recordings s.Computermonitor not look good


Antwort von gandlz:

thanks for the link! I would have eigendlich need to know.
therefore I decide to capture and render - variant when all I want to have on DVD.

lg, gandlz


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