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Frage von noch ´n Gast:

Dear Leutz,
I have a few days now without success through the Internet had tormented by video footage with crowds (meeting / event / on the run, etc.) to find I am now with the s.Euch Please, if anyone can get further help.
Needed is the material for a music video whose imagery related text should be. And unfortunately I have no way to turn something themselves (because of Pampa and so).
The usual sources, I have been through, but there are only "nice" pictures of "beautiful" people and sunsets, etc. I can not use.
Has anyone 'nen Tip or perhaps even synonymous corresponding material (SD range) lying around that he is perhaps synonymous for a fee (which would then be first clear in the lower double-digit range would) could submit.
Weil's just background material should be, I do not first quality, sondeern it should / can be a bit "dirty" his. Glossy would be totally wrong anyway.
It would be nice if you could help me.
'S Greetings and Happy Christmas


Antwort von Lichtler:

Had a variety of things and synonymous crane of concerts. Do you have any? I'll have to look that I imagine ne without advertising and tape drauf finde. What fürn music would you like?


Antwort von noch ´n Gast:

Sounds interesting / would be good if there would be what.
The music of the concert would be no preference as long as many, many people are to be seen (whether rain or sun is synonymous no preference, rain I would almost prefer!).
Used the material for a song, somewhere in the range between singer / songwriter and rock to find, however, the proposed Clip only acoustic guitars will be heard (and of course the girl that wrote the song and sings it synonymous ).


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