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Frage von alex011:

I had me at that time a dvb-s card installed internal, s.anfang was somehow synonymous, although there was too much tension between the antenna cable and the DVB-S card so I have the antenna cable always eingeteckt then when I wanted to use the card for security .
irgednwann and when I connect the antenna cable, I wanted gwaltig a geballert gekriegt and it has transformed the living room TV set geknallt, then gives me the antenna cable from my hand fell on the housing of my heimreciver it has beaten the radio Reciver was synonymous kaputt .
Then I have few times nachgeschaut whether tension is still there with me by the hand-held antenna cable and with the other card've touched, but there was tension megasperma then I exchanged the card but it was not dadran.hab then the action aborted at that time.
And now I see it now the dvb-s cards in there external and wanted to try so that it could give the same problems?
because of my antenna cable to my heimreciver is little tension on it it works einbahnfrei.oder maybe I could buy a video grabber I then with my heimreciver via RCA video input connections.
if so can someone ask me what good Recommendation either an external DVB-S card or a videograbber ... or better yet, both together in a hand then I would have not wanted to buy extra maybe convert my analog cam ..., I will synonymous Satelitte my series on record in good quality s.besten, avi, divx, xvid



Antwort von Granny S.:

haha ... cool story! ;)


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