Infoseite // vob to use in Premiere Pro 1.5

Frage von Roland:

I have video recordings are available on DVD, I want to use in Adobe Premiere 1.5.
After I demux the DVD (that isolates the MPG stream from the VOB file), there is the following problem:
Winodws player in the newly created MPG file plays correctly (34 minutes). I invite the file in Premiere 1.5, but then it is only 1min 57sec long.
What can that be? How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Roland,

times try the following: Copy the VOB file of the DVD to the hard drive and the extention (change vob) to mpg. This import file into Premiere Pro. - In Premiere 6.5, I had had success with this approach.


Antwort von Roland:

I've already tried. It is not running. I invite the file, but instead of 34 minutes, it is only 2 minutes long as per brief display.



Antwort von roberto:


know the problem .......... unfortunately it was meant that I now need to convert the VOB, premiere is unable to vob `s read correctly. So you have the vob with vitrual dup or convert tmpeg.

An interesting question would be whether a different editing system, perhaps with the vob `s can act?


Antwort von hassan:

Is still quite einfach.Main concept mpeg plugin for premiere pro download, install, and then in the project setting of Prem per
anwählen.Nun the MainConcept codec should be synonymous with you import the Vob
funktionieren.Bei MainConcept gibts synonymous nor a manual in PDF format which should be quite helpful synonymous.


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