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Kaufberatung PC vs. Notebook

vs. PC purchase advice. Notebook

Frage von Tschisma:
März 2008

Good evening community!

For me, it is now synonymous finally, a new PC / laptop must be new here!

What will I do with them:

AE compositing CS2 (Main Stock), Premiere CS2 (in rough cutting tasks only) 3D Max (simple animation) and in the future he may be synonymous for Cinema 4D ahead, but that is rather trivial!

Now I have a small problem, unfortunately, it would be at my very best if I see all these tasks on a laptop can do, and the whole course very satisfactory! So I do not want too many compromises which Ruckler, etc. are concerned.

Can you me experience what it's like with a laptop to work? Especially now because of AE and the "space", how much "because at least he should have?

With notebooks, I have zero experience yet so I'm pleased about every opinion!

If it is a stand PC is synonymous here, I have more questions :-)

I work mainly with XP I think, because I've read that there are still problems with Vista at all!

That speaks for at least the following components in my eyes (coarse)

Intel Core 2 Duo (how much Ghz per core should be min.'s?)
3 Gb Ram (more is not so much or? Wg. XP?)
Hard! I would have me for a 500 Gb disk with 7k rpm decided! Can you recommend me?
graphics card (Help me please, because I do not look through what it should be because s.besten)
Mobo, I would take an object, which adapts to the processor that comes out then yes s.was you have any suggestions :-)

Among the other parts (coolers, etc.) now falls to me at the moment nothing serious What I should note! Liege I wrong here?

Now another point:

All prices should naturally remain synonymous in the context!
I would, if possible, a sensible system to spend ~ 800 ¬ synonymous but am willing to delve deeper into the pocket to grasp if large differences occur :-)

Soda, now ichs hab dann mal extent, I hope!
I know there are many questions and it is certainly not your favorite area, but I would be very on participation, recommendations, system options look!

lg tschisma

Edit from Mod: Inquiry into the category "Hardware" postponed.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Well there really only one thing worth noting

A laptop is a mobile work station.
It will never s.die benefits ran a PC s come.
especially if the PC and the notebook in the same price range is.
With a PC you're better served. It can be an upgrade and can thus better "fresh" are kept.

(eg New GraKa Harddisks PCI cards etc)

Long rendertime how they work in 3 D PROGIS incurred with a laptop is hardly possible or recommended.

A laptop can always be only 2 choice and is not synonymous with a PC to compare.
I have laptops and they are only used mobil, even if one is a Tablet PC on which I synonymous nice paint and edit photos can replace its function never my Wacom Boarddas s.dem workstation is connected.

Conclusion buying an offer s Calculator kick down as the Vista and install XP ist.Einen well buy a laptop you need to slightly later it is my Meihnung after quite well resolved. Bankruptcy laptops with warranty remaining are to be recommended and sufficient.
Above about 8 years already ran Cinema 4D and Photoshop on my old laptop (P3 1000der with 512 SD RAM) ;-) And laptops with warranty remaining so get on EBAY s.350 Euro Calculator new supply between 600 - 800 euros. So you have both and it ranges from synonymous. Because if the calculator renders I usually fall asleep, and if interested whether for 500 euros more of the calculator is 10 minutes faster at render ..... nobody.

Alla you let the times go through your head and you decide for yourself
B. DeKid
Purchase later still prefer NEN couple to the server racks can be connected via NetRendering well to turn and then synonymous shorten the rendering time ;-))

Antwort von darg:

Can I just write the previously connected. A laptop is nice to go but does not replace the PC at home. From the performance, there are machines which are easy with a PC can keep up (eg Alienware) but the cost to hell and are not much easier than a PC :-)
In addition to me, perhaps even the technical aspect, especially in longer rendering times and the you have in your applications now verbraetst times you get the Battery, if you put the crate s.Netz always have. The notebook battery fans but not on a permanent basis and will be even faster short.
It's always a question what you want to join. A laptop would be a shame to me it s.Netzstecker verrecken to allow of any updates and enhancements of the hardware apart.


Axel, San Jose

Antwort von Tschisma:

Good morning!

Thank you both for your answers!

I will now stay until at times the PC as a stand recommended to buy me and then if necessary, a gebracuhtes too!

However, I would not offer me the rod of computer to buy, give me a place together! And since I wanted to be synonymous if your questions or ideas you have here :-)

PS: with the racks will be quoted;-D


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The following note to the PS of the Strange vs. Gathering

Due to the high acceptance of the dealer, you'll hardly at the same optional components, at a price as the Aldi, Media Markt, Saturn, offer comment. Times I would suggest that you times the components of a finished computer with the cheapest providers in the network to compare it to you to create an overview.

The mass acceptance regulates the price paid by the final consumption.

Also I think a calculator of the rod umbedingt not worse than him self together.

Tip: There are completely synonymous PC s to buy with an operating system not be delivered, so if you already have a XP license did you save a few euros here again.

Antwort von Tschisma:

hm, I say this because I read in several forums, that "perfectly" matched PCs (self assembled) an advantage over StangenPc's what I've eigtl. einleuchtet ... !

And I is not about to cut corners s.irgendwelchen when I build my own, I am already aware that this is more expensive than a device such as Hofer alá!

Jap, if I buy it without a license :-)

Antwort von Daigoro:

Since the middle which I've already written about this:
http://forum.slashcam.de/1000-zur-verfugung-fur-schnitt-pc-vt58429.html?highlight =

Antwort von Tschisma:

thank you, I will make your configuration times :-)
Another question:

If I Win Xp 64 bit, is then recommended in contrast to the 32-bit? What new opportunities are thus to me? More Gb, use Quad Core?

Compatibility with AE CS2 and cohorts?

Herrje, questions on matters :-)

Thank you

Antwort von Tschisma:

Sodala, nochmnal thank you for all your answers:

I got me a system put together:


Take now as OS Win Prof 32 Bit
The Arbeitsspeciher I wanted to ask whether it is worthwhile to upgrade to 3GB so that I can use?
The small HD, I would like to use as OS disk :-)

I work mostly with AE eigtl., so nothing special with 3D, rather only s.and, since only comes more in the future I think! So quad rather pointless ...?

How you can find it? Good, Very Good, or start again:-D

thanks in advance

¬: Link funzt not, so here the list:

NVIDIA PCIe graphics cards
Asus EN8800GT/HTDP (Art.-No.: JAXVL1)
EN8800GT/HTDP (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT)

CPU Socket 775 Core 2 Duo
Intel ® Core 2 Duo E6750 (Art.-No.: HPHI35)
Core 2 Duo E6750 (2x 2666 MHz)

Power supplies to 600 watts
Chieftec CFT-500A (Art.-No.: TN5C40)
CFT-500A (500 watts)

Midi Tower Case
Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CODE: TQXM12)
Centurion 5 (5 x 5.25 "external)

IDE DVD Burners
AOpen DSW2012P (Art.-No.: CEAB18)
DSW2012P (20 / 8 / 8 times)

Socket 775 Motherboards
Asus P5K (Art.-No.: GPEA80)
P5K (Intel P35)

3,5 inch SATA hard disks
Western Digital WD5000AAKS (Art.-No.: A9BW31)
WD5000AAKS (500 GB)

3,5 inch SATA hard disks
ExcelStor Excelstor J8080S (Ref: A7BC03)
Excelstor J8080S (80 GB)

Memory DDR2-800
Corsair DIMM 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit (Item: IBIE5A)
DIMM 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit (2048 MB)

Antwort von Daigoro:

As a system disk, I would rather not 160 or 250 GB Western Digital instead of taking ExcelStor
The price per GB is much better, the plate seems to be faster and 20 euro more synonymous should still be too disruptive.
For that which current software packages on the plate so klotz, 80 GB fully synonymous faster than you think.

Whether 3GB gegenueber 2GB worth it or not, depends mainly on how the applications that you use the support.
Since users have to AE what to say.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes ne of WD Raptor is in any case recommended ;-)

Antwort von antje:

"Daigoro" wrote:

Whether 3GB gegenueber 2GB worth it or not, depends mainly on how the applications that you use the support.
Since users have to AE what to say.

I had my calculator at the end of last year with only two fitted and the gig went really well in Vegas. Then I had a few dollars left and got another gig brought in as a dual channel 1066th He is not really so fast. But what I noticed is that if one has several programs on the move faster and the OS is a little faster in the response is.

Why not have a E6850? Not much more expensive and extremely light in overclocking. Lasse my currently running at 3.6GHz.
The P5K is actually a pretty good board, if one but two graphic cards in it can have the other PCI slots are no longer used. The RAID is OK, but only between a disk and SATA OnBoard OnBoard ESATA the place to be. To purchase the cable at the thought :-)

In memory, I would possibly because of the security for the future might take 1066.


Axel, San Jose

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