Infoseite // what little digiknipse makes the best video picture?

Frage von swantje:

I hate minidv (and the technology) and finally, completely smitten of the video image was a ixus60 old, I want me as a little fotoapparat grow to 150 euro. if not for 16 or 35 then all right shit;)

there are any good?

synonymous with saturn, I saw that some already do hd. which have yet no major sensor? then the picture is not bad and only at high resolution hd? pal's enough for me really.

schonmal thank


Antwort von Jan:


an HD video function with a digicam for 150 ¬ is not quite so easy.

Often when you get 640x480 or 848x480 with 30 frames per second, depending on the company with the continuos auto focus, no zoom (while the video function, often eg Fuji), a last for digital video (and often eg Canon) or the optical zoom (and often Kodak & Samsung). But this can vary according to the model, the Canon SX 1 is synonymous with optical zoom during the video.

So HD for 150 ¬ is almost only found in Kodak, Kodak is often the Picture Average, not infrequently rauschanfällig.

Digicams should actually be at an advantage because they have much larger sensors, even Billigstmodelle have at least a 1 / 2, 5 "CCD - that is already world-class video at the 1000 ¬ range.

Unfortunately, the picture quality is not as good as the large sensor, it says. In addition, there were several tests in Videoaktiv or this Slashcam. SonyT 500 or Panasonic TZ 7 were here, I think. Please checking up!

Some of the models reached the maximum level of ¬ 500 video camera, the sound they have no chance at stability is often not synonymous.

PAL Videos (; 720x576) is making almost no digicam eh - 640x480, 848x480 or 1280x720 or 1920x1080 (and Canon SX 1) there are the most popular video resolutions, some companies such as Casio and Fuji think sometimes synonymous with, and have 25 frames per second ( ; 25 frames -) 50 i good for our system, most providers have 30 / sec (; the Japanese & American System 60 images). The conversion of 30 to 25 is not always possible without loss.

Or you take a new Canon Ixus 95 (, so about 150 ¬), which makes re-VGA (; 640x480er resolution), with digital zoom during video function (and if you are) enabled first, even to focus on video and optical stabilizer. At Canon, we can durchfilmen synonymous about 45 minutes, the limit is there at 4 GB.

MJPEG is the Komrimierung, single record, but larger files.

For Ixus 60 has become synonymous done much better as automatic, intelligent Konstrastanpassung, correct battery remaining indicator, optical stabilization, automatic red-eye correction, much better speed, 1 / 4 stronger battery, etc. etc.

Other companies like to limit the video recording settings, like Casio and Panasonic min = 10 min = 15.

Or Fuji F 60, there are for about 150 ¬, synonymous only VGA video, MJPEG compression, such as Canon, no zoom last for the video. But she is very sensitive to light with its large 1 / 1, 6 "CCD - which is always synonymous of User confirms no preference whether video or photo mode.

HD Video gibts in s.der Canon Ixus 100 (; about 200 ¬), a narrower Ixus 95 with a smaller battery, but instead with MJPEG 1280x720, 30 frames per second and HDMI interface. The Ixus 100 has the same battery as the Ixus 60 (; NB 4 L).

Then comes the 110s with 16 / 9 LCD and 28mm Wide Angleund synonymous with 1280x720.

At 150 ¬ could be synonymous with involving the Panasonic FS 6, which works with 848x480, 30 frames per second no zoom during videos, but synonymous optical stabilizer.

The Ixus 95, F 60 and FS 6 are you so synonymous with the best Fotocamere ¬ in the 150 class.

If Saturn is just mentioned, there is the SonyT sold 77 for hot 149 ¬ (, ¬ 50) under Internet price. It did indeed synonymous only VGA video, but instead of like Sonybekannt, s.der T Series optical stabilizer and continuos AF on video. Klein is it synonymous, LCD is 3 "touch screen. Luminosity is unfortunately only f 3.5 - so they beat some bigger cameras in low light. For a small camera but it is already very good.

Yes, you can see already s.HD TV or s.PC & Mac is a difference of 1280x720 and 640x480 digicam video function - S.576 CRT TV rather not.



Antwort von robbie:

Which bicycle I can ride s.schnellsten on the highway?

There is now synonymous already systems other than MiniDV.


Antwort von Kavernengeist:

Some just do not get it sorted out, just say nothing or to answer a question competently.


Antwort von swantje:

many thanks to jan for your response answered everything ... I will have read or equal to 3 times and make up my mind then:)


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