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welcher PC aus Saturn Prospekt zum Videoschnitt

which PC from Saturn brochure DV Editing

Frage von ilinx:
August 2010

Hello, Saturn in the current prospectus me laugh two PC I s.and of you would like to know if one is suitable for DV editing. I myself have bought some time ago, Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate, which has since packed original lying around here. My camera is a Canon HF 200th At some point I wanted to be synonymous times to switch to Edius Neo 2 Booster or Adobe Premiere Elements.

acer m3910
i5 650
ati hd 5570 (1GB DDR3)
4 GB Ram

acer x5950
i7 860
ati hd 5570
6 GB Ram

Thanks for the help

Antwort von toxitobi:

Right now, I would advise ore to nvidia graphics cards, since they are already used today to speed of many programs of DV editing. Otherwise, the better the cpu and the more RAM the better xD.
i7 and 6 gb ram is the preferred accordingly. But well, I cut beeen at a Q9550 2.8GHz and 2gb ram and it works synonymous with avchd and Edius neo2booster for s.bräuchte I actually considerably more RAM but that is synonymous planned in the future.

Saturn offers the possibility of synonymous but return to grace a voucher if the small is too slow, you give him back again and then you buy the big ones.

Greeting Toxitobi

Antwort von ilinx:

Stupid question, but one can compare with i5 as an "old" Core 2 Quad? And how big is because as the time difference between when rendering i5 and i7 or how it looks with the preview?

Antwort von CedricRotherwood:

Saturn, Media Markt and co ...... almost always too expensive ....
what are the system for it?

Antwort von stefanf:

The two have more and is faster, therefore of the second
Very simple. Will probably cost a little more, but is

Antwort von Alf_300:

Has two synonymous a Firewire port?

Antwort von stefanf:

"Alf_300" wrote:
Has two synonymous a Firewire port?

Canon HF200:
USB: YES (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed)

Firewire for what?

Antwort von Alf_300:

@ Firewire for what?

for better times

Antwort von ilinx:

The first will cost ¬ 699 and ¬ 899, the second in our Saturn, there is still a model that has a better graphics card. Will cost ¬ 999 but is synonymous with an ATI
@ ALF: I play right of the SD card on the Calculator. Do not use FireWire.

Power of the second really makes more sense for the surcharge. Or are we talking about a few different frames?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Firewire is never wrong, there is still synonymous other devices connected via firewire, not only Cams!

Antwort von ilinx:

Before we turn in a circle with Firewire, I have no Firewire devices and have the plane in the near future is not synonymous zuzulegen me one. If the case should happen but I building a card:)

What would be much Wichter, the question about the meaning of the surcharge.

Antwort von Alf_300:

After synonymous Intel motherboard H57 Small (Without pipapo) can tell you is that you happen to install anything or change can.
So just before something is there and if that is synonymous for the next two years future

Antwort von B.DeKid:

'Well then stop "is ATI seem ** e" I would never buy!

If nothing justifies here ;-))


And I'd buy it NEN i5 synonymous only as a terminal or as an office calculator.


External hard disks, NAS, Music Rack ... those are things that run synonymous with me via firewire ... so if the board has already NEN is not even wrong.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Mink:

What have you against the i5 as video editing CPU?

Antwort von CedricRotherwood:

Let's look at the second time and yet Calculator for 900 ¬:
CPU is already crisp and costs so much to the 240 ¬
The graphics card is again a cheap card that would cost 70-80 ¬. If you want synonymous times casually put in a good game, that would be no longer then the hit.
6 GB of Ram is not wrong but makes sense in my opinion, either 4GB or 8GB. at 6 GB You have to do without that is to DC.
More can be seen now net ... I could do with a look at the brochure.

But quite aside from the system is already not a charm. Since you apparently do not themselves want to tinker, or can, let you build a system together. Offer plenty of shops.
I am imagining together synonymous just a perfect system and will probably spend synonymous Sun at the 900th In such cases, with much more power.

Glad I publish here my parts, so that we can discuss it.

But once again let their fingers off of discount computers - too expensive - too much junk installed splashing around - too many parts that you drinne itself does not use anyway.

@ BdKid ... na .. ATI is the shit, is probably justified only ideologically similar to the issue of AMD-Intel. Who wants to use Cuda (CS5) is certainly well advised with Nvidea products. Otherwise viiiiel speaks for ATI (for example, the much lower power consumption)

Antwort von stefanf:

The mega-speed difference will not have, at I5 or I7, Siebe NEN "normal" is not quad I5/I7 to really slow in comparison.
More important is memory and graphics card for editing, if a CPU hochweritge is clear anyway.

Read to you now through with Edius and Adobe, which propose as a type. Usually there is an Nvidia specified as a reference.

If soweiso conversion, then a I5 and for the rest of money to a fat GraKa, yet rather than memory. But if investing more money is left, then right into RAM.

Then you could make almost the same but even a Calculator screw together, to-do was a PC or PC 2 as offered. Since, as had PC 2

@ Alf:
Firewire is almost out, and really in it was never synonymous. Do not say that it was bad. But HDD and DV-Cam were pretty much the only "mainstream" applications.
In DigiVideoCam is USB 2.0, now 3.0, and with hard disks has made it NEN same SATA port or USB, mentioned already.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Mink" wrote:
What have you against the i5 as video editing CPU?

NIX I sach only "today" I would not buy more for the ne standalone workstation and if only beeen at a Multi-Processor Board.


As a terminal or as said Office Calculator can still be performance-related price ok but even then there are weaker processors are cheaper and perfectly adequate to knit at ne Exel table or Präso .... there need not be synonymous 4GB Ram ;-)


ne degree are in stand-alone workstation today - Multi Board - thick ener i7 processors - bold Ram - thick but average price range Nvidia graphics card - ne SSD disk for the system and 2 HDD's - one of the HDD in removable frame.

Ne Gigabit Lan card and 4-6 USB 2 ports ---- sound you have ever needed to get along well with OnBoard.


And Yes I sit at Intel and Nvidia to and aware of any AMD or ATI have s.laufen!

Important is just one - how much money do I have to use for all tasks the best and most profitable system build.

Previously, I've heard about music NEN PII 800 with 350 watt power supply

Today it is 1.2 it NEN via 12 full test power supply and an 8GB CF card accesses ne partition hard disks and VOILA, I can still hear music.


I would not come crashing over for some food supplements advertising buy bookletThe ... I was remotely ne 0815 metal box to the next wrench hauling since put out, I say have 700 euros and I want the board to the processor drive the graphics card the hard drive and the Ram bar and come pick me in four days, the thing - thank you.

And then makes the synonymous --- ordered the lies and screwed together and maybe he gives before once again loudly and says the man with NEM power supply would be better than with the xy drive that I chose and that the synonymous only 5, free - more ... would ensure he gets home for 20 times synonymous extra cash put into the coffee ....

Conclusion he is happy, I'm happy and the box is completely blank when I do not need until I pick up around the I Net looking for drivers and components that were installed and I play my Win on the best drivers plus my Progis.


OK, I do recommend that in a way because I never even NEN industries themselves to computer trade have been s.laufen years but yes I would want, for so we know what one has.

B. DeKid

Maybe I should make time such systems together and then offer - hmm - maybe that would be ;-)

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