Infoseite // which cpu for after effects and premiere?

Frage von snaaark:

hi people,
I'm just about to make myself a new computer together.
it should be fairly quiet and a good Preisleistungverhältnis have but just because I have enough power synonymous synonymous videoschnitt and postprocessing in after effects do.
most are already certain components, but some I'm still undecided.


1. phenom2 x4 945> real cheap, low power consumption 95W

2. phenom2 x4 955> bit faster, 125W, +10 euro

3. core i5 750> a little faster, +50 or +40 euro to 945 euro to 955

amd 945 was my first favorites. the 955 and I've never quite synonymous thrown out of the favorites.
amd / ati does seem more and more synonymous work compatibility.

nevertheless is always touted for multimedia intel. The i7 me but is too expensive.
I do with the i5 for 50euro the better draft than with an AMD?

yes I know they are all very nice cpus but I can see no more benchmarks and just need a few more subjective opinions.



Antwort von jemand84:

Completely no preference which take you there ^ ^ They're all too fast for the Program. Since other components of the brake. The hard drive or RAM, for example. Or the lack of hardware acceleration for effects.

price-performance winner is always found on too. Currently fährste with the smallest core i5 with four cores very well, or the Phenom x3 II 720th Everything about it is only a money thing. If you have enough money there, you merely popping any Core i7.


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