Infoseite // which textbook for After Effects CS3?

Frage von Arno_K:

hello, am a newbie and AE search now Book, with which I start in the AC CS3 rapidly. At Amazon, I can for the CS3 version yet been found, can you give me maybe an older version of a book recommend?, AE version 7 is comparable with CS3?
Thanks for your tips


Antwort von dhendrik:

hi you, I am synonymous complete novice ... But I did me some tutorials in the net i angeguckt to some umgam with the AE to know ... to look after ....

da gibts 20 h in tuts allerdinsg ENG ... but if you look purely piecewise Imme look .. then the piece itself nachmachst many times do you have a general overview ....

has helped me somewhat synonymous .... AE is very complex .... So working times by the Institute ... if you did, you can try 2 or 3 tuts combine to sehn whether you've learned something .....

viel erfolg




Antwort von Jörg:

Get on the Net Books of Gerhard Koren. The version of AE is no first preference, the broad outlines are fairly similar.
He writes his books so that synonymous absolute beginners to manage. Surface and that the individual operating steps and features are different is, of course, be taken into account.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Bass75:

So I can put out of Adobe's series "Classroom in a book recommended for beginners. There are the basics in the context of small projects below.

For After Effects 7, I have just completed a book of Philippe Fontaine available. Adobe After Effects 7 - The practice book to consult and Learn (ISBN 389842720X). That is for beginners and advanced. Of Galileo is design. Unfortunately, wickedly expensive.


Antwort von mad*:

guck dir mal video of andrew kramer tutorials or of the other creative cow to. This is everything but english is fun, costs nothing and there online.


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