Infoseite // who knows this effect?

Frage von Benutzer:

I've bought a few weeks after effects and just work my way through lots of tutorials. now I came across a clip in which I have no idea how to create something like:
(effect at 0:41)

I think that's included with 2 cameras, if you look at it closely, you see the cut. but what will produce the effect that it looks like a 3d rotating?
If anyone has any idea or know a tutorial where you can recreate something similar, please post!



Antwort von

Since there was some point a video of the kite that was very similar, synonymous with effect descriptions usw.Leider I do not remember where, what does my post I realize now synonymous rather unnecessary.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes there are 2 cameras, there was ever nen thread to find out the effect synonymous surfer was asked synonymous - otherwise of course there's something like Twixtor slow motion was used to make.

B. DeKid

That was the thread might find via kite.


Antwort von tolean:

I think the synonymous because 2 or 3 shots / perspectives are morphed into each other, combined with Retiming NEM beautiful. everything is actually in afx feasible. retiming with pixel motion and combine with a little tinkering.


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