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Frage von arabella747:

have a question which has not yet been treated. I have about otv part of a series list. the file loaded on my computer. with the media player you can watch the film. I would like him but with my standalone divx dvd player anschauen. So flight is converted into avi format. the file is magnified of approximately 750MB to 250MB. on the PC has not changed. the file of hard disk, I can just like look of dvd. But when I burned the dvd in my ext. slide player, I have only sound and no picture. how can that be? what can I do? the dvd player reads everything else! But do not stop wmv. why do I have to convert wmv to avi.
am grateful for any help


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Anaysiere times the non-executable file and an old, run DivX file with Gspot ( Are there differences in the Codeceistellungen?


Antwort von arabella747:

the problem is done as follows. the resolution was wrong of me elected. after changing the resolution of the film is now in the player. Thank you for using dei


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