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Frage von Wicked_83:

hi I have a small problem. And while I'm on the Windows moviemaker made a video and wants to run it now on DVD.
Lehsen can and there is synonymous my problem because the format does not.
So how can I now convert into a format from the DVD friendly:)

Thank you in foraus


Antwort von Markus:


Your subject that puzzles me: Have you exported the movie from the Movie Maker and is now available as a WMV file? Or did you transfer the images around even as a WMV on the calculator? That fact would not be good ...

Look here:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images


Antwort von lygumer:

Hello ...
I have the same problem and am surprised that it is not more widespread. I make video recordings with your camcorder (Panasonic) and transfer the footage via USB cable to the PC. The program for this I have downloaded for free, and it is called Windows Movie Maker. So you can edit the film, refine it. with title, etc. The result will be provided on the hard drive of Windows Forman WMV saved synonymous with Windows and can be burned in this format on a CD. The format can only read my PC. And this with Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker or synonymous with video Showtime program of Nero. If I want to burn with Nero but movies in MPEG format, the program does not recognize the WMV format. New DVD Players usually recognize only synonymous of the Windows WMA audio program.
Who can give me a tip about converting the Windows WMV format to MPEG?


Antwort von jasmin61:


1. Sorry, DV material via USB is not good, see:
FireWire FAQ">Firewire

2. If you go to your movie in Movie Maker exportierst for film settings to show more options. And there you can choose in other settings. In your case, DV AVI (PAL).

Further steps, see


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