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Frage von aaVe:

Good day,
following problem has been plaguing me since morning: I have concert recordings of 2 different cameras. The first one is characterized DV Pal 720x576, which I captured with Premiere 2.0, which is now raw avi. The second is directly to hard drive or memory chip (do not know exactly synonymous is unimportant) to, and in the wmv format, 640x480. If I use the video of the 1st Camera (720) Premiere 2.0 in import, is the film media (ie video & audio). If I use the video of the 2nd Camera (640) import in Premiere 2.0, the program will hang. If I use the video of the 2nd Camera with SUPER to convert avi and then import into Premiere 2.0, depends on the program is not more. However, the media now video, ie video only without audio. When I converted the avi file with any playback programs play (VLC), then I hear the sound.
Perhaps you know a solution to the problem, perhaps incorrectly converted? But the sound is missing only in Premiere 2.0. Hope you can help me
grüße aave


Antwort von vaio:


Even if it is just not helpful ...

Get a look down this software:

Then run out and download the converted file. What is "Audio" is displayed (size, etc.)?



Antwort von aaVe:

Hello and good day.
Thanks for the link, I've downloaded the program times, the audio data of the video:
[code: 1:98 eb71aa62] Audio
Format: WMA2
Codec ID: 161
Codec-ID/Info: Windows Media Audio 2
Duration: 50min
Bitrate: 160 Kbps
Channels: 2 channels
Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz
Resolution: 16 bits
Stream size: 58.3 MiB (10%)
Interleave, duration: 371 ms (9.29 video frames)
Interleave, delay duration: 743 ms [/ code: 1:98 eb71aa62]
Therefore it MUST be an audio stream available. Detects Premiere WMA 2 codec not?

I have the synonymous data of the scanned file that works. Now I will look at exactly SUPER adjust these settings, perhaps it's working.

/ Edit: @ Michael, the program is very informative;)

it greets,


Antwort von Meggs:

"aaVe" wrote: Now I will look at exactly SUPER adjust these settings, perhaps it's working.

It seems like no premiere WMA. I was then rather than WAV audio format.


Antwort von aaVe:

It works if the audio format is wav. Another problem: I have 3 files that I would like to convert. The first can be properly converted. The second and third but can not convert. I've tried SUPER and b) with Movie Maker (Yes, the can;)). After the error messages displayed and the fact that the first file to convert him, I no longer look for a different converter around. Because SUPERAntiSpyware is the message from "[any codec name, most probably irrelevant here] has encountered a problem and needs to close." WMM gives the following message "Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem". Both messages occur only shortly before finishing the conversion to dhidR at 98% or 99%. Are these files corrupted? Does someone know this problem before? (The wmv files can be played flawlessly (vlc)).
Hope you can help me.


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