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Frage von ByeByeBeautilful:


I work with AE CS5 and now has to render a 25-second animation as a wmv video.
But in Comparison to other Ausgabevidoes (eg Quicktime, which have perfect quality!) Is the wmv video qualitätstechnisch a disaster.
My Windows Media Player is up to date (version of Win7).
In the render settings I have "Quality: Best selected.

In this, as synonymous in other forums, there are some similar threads, but I have not weitergeholfen in the end.

What am I doing wrong, what should I change, where could be wrong? : /



Antwort von Debonnaire:

I'll do it mostly so that I regard the film as the highest quality AVI rausrendere and then converting to WMV in Windows Media Encoder (available free at do. In WME can then set all parameters in detail.

Maybe it works even better (CS5 have unfortunately not (yet))?


Antwort von ByeByeBeautilful:

Hey, this is a great idea! :-)
I will report if I have achieved the desired result.

Thanks in advance!


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