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Frage von ostmensch:


I have the following problem. if I magix deluxe premium
of my camera (Canon XHA1) receiving material so I have
visual disturbances on the recording.
It looks like the individual layers are somewhat slower than the underlying and it is not always on the horizontal bar to that rickety racks congruent with more or less wide. does anyone know why this is such a thing?



Antwort von bjelgorod:


Attempt to capture with HDVSplit and see if it is so.
It could, however, synonymous to act Tearingstreifen

Attempt to burn a test DVD with the material and look at it on television if the strips do not show up because it is clearly s.Deinen graphics cards, or monitor settings.

Some information such as your system is built, and if you not have this problem with other software had, would help.

Good luck


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