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/// Slashcam News - December 2016
1 30.December 2016
The UI design of Star Wars Rogue One 29.December 2016
CES 2017: 4K Action Cam with 60p and small tri-copter by Yi in the approach 29.December 2016
Jarred country has presented 14 RED Weapon 6ks worth $ 700,000 28.December 2016
HFR update: Atomos 8.1 for Inferno verfuegbar 28.December 2016
1 27.December 2016
Merry Christmas wuenscht slashCAM 24.December 2016
Blackmagic Firmware Update 4.2 brings Black Shading Calibration for URSA Mini 4.6 24.December 2016
Marantz PMD561: Mobile 4-channel audio recorder 23.December 2016
First 4K UltraHD Blu-ray Player with Dolby Vision HDR: Oppo UDP 203 22.December 2016
HGST Announces at UltraStar Hel2 12TB and 14TB hard drives 21.December 2016
Open Source AV1 vs vs H.264 H.265: is the video codec of the future royalty free? 21.December 2016
Board Fish: layout tool for storyboarding 20.December 2016
Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed upcoming desktop Macs 20.December 2016
Electronically controlled Active diffusion of Zylight and Chimera approaching 20.December 2016
Chrosziel: Leichtstuetze 401-C700 for Canon EOS C700 combined use shoulder 19.December 2016
New Corsair Force MP500 M.2 NVMe SSDs with 3,000 MB / s 19.December 2016
RED: RAVEN Order Stop + Image Processing Pipeline (IPP2) for better highlight rolloff 19.December 2016
DJI CrystalSky: drone control per 2,000 nits outdoor Monitor 18.December 2016
Too complicated lighting on the set? Less is more (by DOP Geoff Boyle) 18.December 2016
Avid Media Composer 8.7 update brings Sony XAVC LongG, Title Match frame and more 17.December 2016
New Canon Sensor Patent: Luma Chroma ago 17.December 2016
mochaVR Beta 2 - motion tracking and more for 360 videos 16.December 2016
DaVinci Resolve 12.5.4 update brings Rec. 2100 MXF ProRes, Grass Valley Codec Support 16.December 2016
Petition of 150 filmmakers to producers: Builds Encryption in cameras! 15.December 2016
LG Monitors 2017: 4K HDR, USB C and integrated Chromecast 15.December 2016
Disney: real-time motion capture with fewer sensors 14.December 2016
New Avid Media Access Plugins for Sony formats 14.December 2016
Zoom F-Control: Mobiles mixer and control unit for zoom F4 and F8 Field Recorder 13.December 2016
AMD's ZEN is concrete - RYZEN 13.December 2016
Script writer of the Oscar-been nominated in 2017 for downloading 13.December 2016
MEVO - Compact livestream camera + phone system for a small price 12.December 2016
Datacolor Spyder5 + software upgrade with advanced calibration functions 12.December 2016
1 11.December 2016
Panasonic Announces OLED alternative for displays at 11.December 2016
Cubase 9: 64-bit only, new effects, mixer and timeline combines 10.December 2016
Oculus Touch Controller: drawing in VR space and model 3D objects 9.December 2016
Even in the cinema, soon in the iTunes Stream? 8.December 2016
Casio Exilim FR-110H - first Actioncam focusing Lichtstaerke 8.December 2016
Actioncam-Gimbal GoPro Karma Grip is delivered 7.December 2016
Canon Roadmap 2017: 4K Canon EOS C100 MK III to NAB? 7.December 2016
slimRAW 1.7.1: RAW Lossless compression plus downscaling 6.December 2016
OpenEXR import / export for Photoshop - Exr-IO 6.December 2016
No plan of video editing in DaVinci Resolve? Here 10 Tutorial Clips free on deusch 5.December 2016
Interesting John Knoll portrait on Wired 5.December 2016
BenQ SW320: 4K 32 "Professional Monitor with HDR 4.December 2016
Neural Networks for Bildergaenzung 4.December 2016
Editing workflows for bigger film projects - how keeping the same survey 3.December 2016
Lightworks version 14 gets new interface 2.December 2016
Anxiety? come The autofocus functions in each segment 2.December 2016
GearEye - Digital RFID management of own equipment 1.December 2016
Dynamic metadata SMPTE = HDR for all? 1.December 2016

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