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/// Slashcam News - June 2016
Panasonic Announces Full HD at Henkelmann AG-AC30 30.June 2016
Red Giant Universe 2.0 with four new VFX plug-ins 30.June 2016
AMD RX 480 in stock but also a bit more expensive ... 29.June 2016
Nvidia GTX1060 come but already in mid-July 29.June 2016
Tetris movie should now be a trilogy equal 29.June 2016
Is Sigma in the market of cine lenses? 28.June 2016
Digital Bolex D16 sweeps the sails 28.June 2016
YouTube video with live streaming via YouTube app for anyone 27.June 2016
Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union = devastating for film produc 27.June 2016
Tips fuers own showreel 26.June 2016
Typo and graphics in science-fiction film - what is the future? 26.June 2016
Notable Camera App for iOS - MAVIS 25.June 2016
Virtual car easily (he) produces - The Blackbird by The Mill 25.June 2016
Metabones promises softer aperture and fast autofocus for EF lenses 24.June 2016
DxO testing Sony Alpha 6300 23.June 2016
USA: No package deliveries by drone 23.June 2016
Mirrorless medium format Hasselblad introduces compact X1D 22.June 2016
Game of Thrones: The Battle of Winterfell making-of 22.June 2016
Sony (4K) Acioncams FDR X3000 and HDR-AS300 with Balanced Optical SteadyShot! 22.June 2016
ShooTools AutoPan: programmable panning with each slider 22.June 2016
Atomos now supports calibration with X-Rite i1 Display Pro 21.June 2016
YouTube Director: promotional videos on their own via App 21.June 2016
Three new On-Camera Monitor from IKAN 4K Support 20.June 2016
Atmo-noises generated automatically with KI 20.June 2016
GPU scripting - soda gets Shadertoy filter 19.June 2016
Daala Video Codec soon better than H.265 / HEVC? 19.June 2016
Android gadgets finally also suitable Pro Audio? 18.June 2016
Star Wars as a Mixed Reality experience - Magic Leap and Lucasfilm cooperate 17.June 2016
1 17.June 2016
Samsung NX1 and NX500 hacks thrive 16.June 2016
Firmware Update for E-PIX Fieldrecoder brings H.264 and simultaneous recording 16.June 2016
Panasonic MFT-Wide Prime: LEICA DG SUMMILUX F1.4 / 12mm ASPH 15.June 2016
Avaa - an audio and video artifact Atlas 15.June 2016
CameraUpdate 3.3 against magenta shades in URSA Mini 4,6K? 14.June 2016
Everything 4K the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft 14.June 2016
Lenovo brings Phab 2 Pro Smartphone with 4K video and depth sensor 13.June 2016
Skynet as a film producer - Sunspring 13.June 2016
Netflix tool evaluates the image quality of videos like a man 12.June 2016
The Bodycam as subjective camera: what is it? 12.June 2016
First picture of a black hole on the horizon? 11.June 2016
DoP Choice Snapbag softbox and grid Snapgrid for Kino Flo 10.June 2016
Attach your camera battery directly Rods - Gripper 9.June 2016
Mocha Motion Tracker Pro 5 obtained, and as a plug-in 9.June 2016
Convergent Design: Large Update for Odyssey7 and Apollo Field Recorder / Monitors 8.June 2016
Nvidia GTX 1080 "compatible" with Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 8.June 2016
Black Magic Fusion 8.1 Update - incl Avid integration. 7.June 2016
SLR Magic cine lenses for E-mount - 35mm F1.2 and 75mm F1.4 7.June 2016
Mikrovideografie and DIY tips 6.June 2016
Zoom H4n Pro: the upgrade of a classic audio recorder 6.June 2016
Hollywood: If the self-citations by taking hand 5.June 2016
ARD Documentary Competition: it attract 250,000 euros and a time slot 4.June 2016
Samsung PM971-NVMe: 512GB SSD with 1.6 GB / s in stamp format 3.June 2016
What brings overclocking when exporting to Adobe Premiere Pro CC? 3.June 2016
Panavision, RED and Light Iron develop 8K DXL Cine Camera 2.June 2016
Kyno: the universal media tool 1.June 2016
AMD brings 5 u200bu200bTFLOPS graphics card for $ 199 RX 480 1.June 2016

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