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/// Slashcam News - November 2016
Sigma lenses from 1.1.2017 partly more expensive ... 30.November 2016
Lilliput A10 - First 10.1 inches Field / control monitor with 4K (UHD) Display resolution 30.November 2016
Michael Chapman (Taxi Driver) by the extinction of the cameraman (as we know it) 29.November 2016
Fotodiox Nikon to Sony E-Mount Smart AF Adapter Fusion - Attention! 29.November 2016
CAD model from the premises via iPad 3D Scanner 28.November 2016
More Sharpness by artificial intelligence - Super-Resolution 28.November 2016
At a glance - The best graphics cards for DaVinci Resolve 27.November 2016
VideoStitch Studio 2.2: 360-VR Video Editing with H.265 and ProRes 26.November 2016
Here the best short movie trailers for the 2017 Oscars 25.November 2016
GekkoGum: adhesive rubber mount for smartphones and Actioncams 25.November 2016
Kickstarter: Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera with 21.500 fps for $ 2,500 24.November 2016
DXO Lecture: Digital signal processing is A and O in image quality 24.November 2016
New film promotion law: more money for short films and script writer 23.November 2016
The death of the consumer camera - Analyzes of Tony Northrup 23.November 2016
MacBook Pro Hack allows use of Unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices 22.November 2016
How fast? How high? GoPro Hero5 Black with telemetry data 22.November 2016
HP Mini Z2 workstation for 6 monitors 21.November 2016
alternatively use camera sensors - CMOS CAMERA PROJECT 21.November 2016
Electron microscopes can finally see in color 20.November 2016
BMD update for 5 and 7 "Video Assist with LUTs, FalseColor, MXF and more 20.November 2016
Nvidia Titan X vs. Titanium X in Resolve and Premiere 19.November 2016
Update: hit movie Pro 2017 Audio Sync, 8K, Scopes, external preview and much more 18.November 2016
1 18.November 2016
Smartphone-controlled motion control for precious crown SliderONE 17.November 2016
now Samyang also Premium: XP 85mm f1.2 14mm f2.4 & 17.November 2016
Akitio Node: Thunderbolt 3 GPU Extender for $ 300 16.November 2016
New: DJI Inspire 2 - camera drone with 5.2K RAW image 16.November 2016
DJI Phantom 4 Pro with improved camera and a mechanical shutter 16.November 2016
JVC with new professional monitor series: DT-V G2 15.November 2016
Photoshop Competition: Affinity Photo Public Beta now available for Windows 14.November 2016
Teradek Bolt 500 Video Transmitter: Small and lighter 14.November 2016
Is the Apple MacBook Pro still Pro? 13.November 2016
expect more intense smartphone cameras in 2017 13.November 2016
Philips 328P6VJEB: 32 "4K UltraHD Monitor with VA panel and 98% NTSC 12.November 2016
DJI Matrice presented 600 Pro Hexacopter with minor improvements 11.November 2016
Also Eizo with USB C Monitor: FlexScan EV2780 27 11.November 2016
YouTube supports immediate HDR 11.November 2016
Nikon D5600 presented - unfortunately without 4K 10.November 2016
Camerimage 12.11. - A film festival specifically for cinematographers 10.November 2016
Sony unveils FS7 II before with Vario-ND and Lock Lever Mount 9.November 2016
GoPro dials back delivered Karma drones 9.November 2016
EDIUS 8.3, inter alia, with Optical Flow Slow Motion and F-Log 9.November 2016
Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder filming musicians in HD 9.November 2016
Sphericam Beast: 360 VR camera with 6K 10bit RAW 8.November 2016
Frame.io integration now available for After Effects 8.November 2016
1 7.November 2016
Adobe shows CloverVR, Premiere Pro add-on for cutting in VR space 7.November 2016
Adobe Project VOCO: loaded language with the text editor 6.November 2016
Film Struck - Streaming alternative in the truest sense of the word 6.November 2016
Canon now marketed sensors to third party 5.November 2016
Bad days for GoPro 4.November 2016
1 4.November 2016
presented again improved MoVI Pro Gimbal from Freefly 3.November 2016
Magic Lantern soon with 10/12 bit RAW lap recording? 3.November 2016
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Update brings Team Collaboration and Live Text Templates 2.November 2016
Sony: been overcome effects of Kumamoto earthquake 2.November 2016
Has Canon a sensor-stocking in your pocket? 2.November 2016
GEMA agrees with YouTube 1.November 2016
LaCie Bolt: USB-C Thunderbolt 3 memory with 2.8 GB / s 1.November 2016

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