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/// Slashcam News - December 2017
The Best Films 2017: Documentary Film 31.December 2017
Video tutorial: Lens selection - Zoom vs. fixed focal length, telephoto vs. wide angle 30.December 2017
Speech synthesis progresses with great leaps and bounds... 29.December 2017
New Insta360 Pro V2.0 firmware enhances image quality 28.December 2017
Netflix supports HDR with Windows 10 28.December 2017
Viltrox EF-M2 Adapter - Cheap MFT Focal Reducer with active Canon Mount 27.December 2017
Segate: Double performance for HDDs through parallel reading and writing 26.December 2017
LG shows HDR displays with a maximum of 600 Nits to the // CES 2018 25.December 2017
Best Wishes from slashCAM 24.December 2017
DJI: Start only after successful flight safety check via App 24.December 2017
First Magic Leap One Demo: the first Mixed Reality Headset will be released in 2018 23.December 2017
Blackmagic Camera Setup 4.8 for Ursa Mini 4.6K, Mini Pro and Viewfinder released 22.December 2017
One for all -- KUVRD, universal lens cap 21.December 2017
Segate plans 20 TB HDDs for 2019 and 100 TB by 2030 at the latest 21.December 2017
Face- and other trackers/tools for Nuke - KeenTools 20.December 2017
Video Tripod Manager 44: the trolley case for Pro tripods 20.December 2017
Apple: next Mac Pro will be modular and upgradeable 19.December 2017
Google NIMA: Neural Image Assessment - AI estimates image quality 19.December 2017
Thor -- 3D/360° Camera from Denmark 18.December 2017
Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f/1.4 FE to be presented tomorrow in Japan 18.December 2017
Update 2017.3 for Sony Catalyst tools 17.December 2017
Edelkrone SliderONE PRO: Motion Control Slider camera movements controlled by smartphone 17.December 2017
Why BBC Nature Docs Look So Spectacular 16.December 2017
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14.2 update 15.December 2017
ARRI Alexa Mini and Amira SUP 5.2 with extended False Color, EVF Gammas and much more 15.December 2017
The new iMac Pro is available for 5,499 to 15,339 euros 14.December 2017
Apple Final Cut Pro 10.4 available with new Grading-Tools, HDR Support and more 14.December 2017
Google App Experiments: makes a comic strip from video clips 14.December 2017
KipperTie REVOLVA lens adapter with integrated ND filter wheel for RED cameras 13.December 2017
VESA Adopts New DisplayHDR Standard 13.December 2017
RØDE audio-interface AI-1 for home recording setups 12.December 2017
Adobe Live: Premiere Pro and After Effects CC Workflows 11.December 2017
Video Tutorial: Smirnoff Clip - Lights for Portrait, Props and Background for One Shot 11.December 2017
Freefly Movi: intelligent smartphone gimbal as camera assistant 10.December 2017
Philips 32 9.December 2017
How technicolor colored the movies 8.December 2017
Nvidia introduces Volta as Titan V for 2999 Dollar 8.December 2017
Panasonic presents 8K4K organic sensor in February 2018 7.December 2017
Video Tutorial: Pro & Contra Film (university): How to create a career in film? 7.December 2017
Cyberlink introduces VR Stabilizer Plug-In for Premiere and After Effects 6.December 2017
EIZO FlexScan EV2785: 27" 4K UltraHD IPS-display with USB-C 6.December 2017
Artificial intelligence paints with realistic objects 6.December 2017
Netflix DARK: First German Netflix Originals Series filmed on Alexa 65 5.December 2017
Fujifilm X-H1 - especially exciting for filmmakers? 5.December 2017
Lytro Immerge 2.0 -- Lightfield-VR Camera-Rig changes shape 4.December 2017
Amazon: Face and object recognition in videos via Deep Learning for everyone 4.December 2017
Rotolight Anova Pro 2: LED lights with 10.700 lux 3.December 2017
New Li-Ion batteries with graphene balls: charged in 12 min and capacity plus 45%. 3.December 2017
DJI releases electronic license plate for drones 2.December 2017
KFA2 SNPR: eGPU case with GTX 1060 6GB for notebooks 1.December 2017
Aldi Weihnachts-PC: Medion Erazer X67015 with GTX1070 and 256GB PCIe M.2 SSD 1.December 2017

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