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/// Slashcam News - January 2020
Magix introduces new live streaming solution Vegas STREAM 31.January 2020
Variable ND filters by Moment -- also for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro 31.January 2020
Autel EVO II 8K camera drone gets delayed (as well as the DJI Mavic 3?) 30.January 2020
The Sundance Cameras 2020 for Fiction and Documentary Film & Why Which Camera? 30.January 2020
Two new Sony Trimaster 4K-HDR monitors PVM-X2400 and PVM-X1800 29.January 2020
Panasonic firmware update for S1 and S1H full format cameras imporves V-Log recording 29.January 2020
Free FiLMiC DoubleTake App: Multicam recording with two cameras on one iPhone at the same time 28.January 2020
Samson Q9U: Broadcast microphone with XLR and USB 28.January 2020
Vimeo Create: Quickly produce clips for social media 27.January 2020
Intelligent HDR for television via Dolby Vision IQ 27.January 2020
Interesting tutorial for After Effects - virtual snow 26.January 2020
About the award-winning editing of Parasite -- live first edting on set, hidden VFX cuts and FCP 7 26.January 2020
Shutterstock: annual subscription for unlimited royalty-free soundtracks for 179 Euro 25.January 2020
Productions: Adobe Premiere Pro gets enhanced multi-project workflows 24.January 2020
Resolve 16.2 - Fairlight lures Pro Tools users 24.January 2020
ARRI ALEXA 65 Showreel 2020 online: State of the Art Snapshot 24.January 2020
Fujifilm announces X-T200 with 4K-video as well as prime lens FUJINON XC35mmF2 23.January 2020
Behind the Scenes Video: 1917 - the enormous effort for the 119 min. single shot sequence and the ca 23.January 2020
New noble crown JibONE Mini-Jib-Arm for automated camera movements and pans 22.January 2020
From 30fps to 480fps: Smooth frame rates and extreme slow motion thanks to AI 21.January 2020
Video greetings from Absurdistan: David Lynch's new short film What Did Jack Do? on Netflix - Ha 21.January 2020
Fresh specification rumors about the Sony Alpha 7 S VI 20.January 2020
New MSI monitors with innovative features: additional display and extreme curvature 20.January 2020
Free tool for 2D animations - Enve 19.January 2020
Sony Venice Firmware V5.0 now available 19.January 2020
Tokina atx-m 85mm f/1.8 FE: Tokina introduces new lens series for DSLMs 18.January 2020
New extra robust memory cards from Manfrotto: Pro RUGGED 17.January 2020
Heathrow Airport launches new anti-drone system 17.January 2020
Asus ProArt monitors for professionals: PA248QV and PA278QV with 100% sRGB/Rec.709 16.January 2020
Which cameras are used in the most popular Netflix series? 16.January 2020
DJI returns Phantom 4 Pro 15.January 2020
Sony introduces Vlogger handle GP-VPT2BT for Sony Alphas 15.January 2020
No new EF-lens announcements from Canon expected 14.January 2020
Oscar nominations announced -- many Netflix productions 14.January 2020
Samsung 980 Pro: PCIe 4.0 SSD with 6,5000 MB/s 13.January 2020
Asus ROG Strix XG17AHP: Portable 17.3" second monitor with USB-C 13.January 2020
Filmmaker Mode for television gets further support 12.January 2020
Autel EVO II -- new camera drone series with 8K or 5.5K video 12.January 2020
Newly developed lithium sulfur battery is four times more powerful 11.January 2020
Interesting whitepaper about the video functions of the EOS-1D X Mark III 10.January 2020
Acer presents 55" OLED 4K monitor Predator CG552K Monitor 9.January 2020
AMD, Intel and Nvidia at the CES 2020 9.January 2020
New ultra-portable 15.6" second monitor from Asus for notebooks: ZenScreen MB16ACE 9.January 2020
New 4K HDR 32" monitors from Asus and Acer: 1,400 nits bright and 1,152 mini LED zones 8.January 2020
Seagate introduces Lyve Drive modular storage solution 8.January 2020
SanDisk premiers first mobile 8TB SSD 7.January 2020
Insta360 ONE R -- adaptive actioncam with 1 7.January 2020
New Nikon D780 in stores from January - DSLR for 4K filmers 7.January 2020
Canon EOS-1 DX Mark III announced -- High-End DSLR with internal 5.5K RAW video // CES 2020 7.January 2020
New 4K camcorders from Panasonic HC-X1500, HC-X2000 and AG-CX10 6.January 2020
Video tutorial clip: Setting light - night scenes, working with practicals etc. 6.January 2020
CyberLink PowerDirector iOS for mobile editing via iPad or iPhone 6.January 2020
Canon EOS-1 DX Mark III approaching: The new RED option via internal 5.4K 60p RAW recording? 5.January 2020
Netflix: The Top Ten Movies and Series 2019 4.January 2020
CGI-film Cats gets an update while still in theatres 3.January 2020
GoPro Light Mod -- waterproof LED-light for the Hero 8 2.January 2020
The best films 2019 in the Mashup 2.January 2020
Movie highlight 2020: Christopher Nolan´s Tenet 1.January 2020

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