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/// Slashcam News - October 2020
Aldi: Medion Erazer Beast X10 Notebook mit 6-Core CPU, RTX 2070 und Thunderbolt 3 31.October 2020
Boris FX Continuum 2021: New movie look features and more 30.October 2020
Tentacle Sync Track E audio decoder with timecode is delivered 30.October 2020
New features for Sony's Virtual Production Services for live productions over the network 29.October 2020
AMD introduces new graphics cards: RX 6800 (XT) and RX 6900 29.October 2020
CDA-TEK AFX Adapter: Autofocus per LIDAR for every camera 28.October 2020
Insta360 ONE X2 -- waterproof 360° camera with new features introduced 28.October 2020
Sky: Third season of 28.October 2020
Nvidia shows RTX3070 - RTX2080Ti performance at half price 27.October 2020
Interesting DSLM market - Canon gains a lot of ground against Sony in Japan 27.October 2020
Western Digital Black D50 Game Dock: Thunderbolt 3 Dock with integrated NVMe SSD 27.October 2020
Unreal Build: Free online event for virtual film production 26.October 2020
FiLMiC Remote V3 - now also available for Android 26.October 2020
Samyang AF 35mm F1,8 FE and AF 85mm F1,4 RF -- firmware updates for video 25.October 2020
Adobe Bridge gets integration with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder 25.October 2020
Artificial intelligence controlled - GANs with semantic interpolation 24.October 2020
New HP DreamColor monitors: HP Z25xs G3 and Z27xs G3 DreamColor 23.October 2020
Atomos Shogun 7 Update: ProRes RAW recording with Sonys FX9 now available 22.October 2020
Mevo Start Livestreaming camera becomes a webcam via app 22.October 2020
Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 brings new effect options 22.October 2020
New ARRI EF-Mount (LBUS) for large format and Super-35 cameras 21.October 2020
Adobe CC Update: AI audio transcription and new GPU acceleration for Adobe Premiere Pro 20.October 2020
Adobe Stock Free Collection: 70,000 free stock media 20.October 2020
DJI Pocket 2: Larger sensor with 64 MP, more wide angle and 240 fps slow motion 20.October 2020
Sonys kostenloses Imaging Edge Webcam Tool macht Kameras zu Webcams - jetzt auch für macOS 20.October 2020
Sony representation media: New marketplace for stock videos 20.October 2020
Adobe MAX 2020 starts tommorrow with many free workshops about video 19.October 2020
Fujifilm: Firmware update for X-T3 improves autofocus performance and face tracking 19.October 2020
SmallHD Indie 7: camera monitor with 1.000 nits brightness 18.October 2020
Alternative Remote App for Sony cameras - Camoodoo 17.October 2020
Samsung: New PRO Plus and EVO Plus SDXC memory cards 16.October 2020
Fujifilm announces X-S10 with IBIS 15.October 2020
New one-handed gimbals DJI RS 2 and RSC 2: lighter, stronger and for the first time with display 15.October 2020
Manfrotto background kit Chroma Key FX: Transportable green/blue screen with large surface 15.October 2020
Nikon Z6II and Z7II with Dual Card Slots and for the first time external Blackmagic Raw Support 14.October 2020
RED KOMODO 6K - now available for order 14.October 2020
Apple iPhone 12 Pro with 5G, Dolby Vision video recording and LiDAR 13.October 2020
Sachtler presents the fastest fluid head system with the aktiv tripod head series 13.October 2020
ARRI Orbiter: Ultra-bright LED spotlight with interchangeable optics is delivered 12.October 2020
Western Digital Black SN850: PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD with 7 GB/s 12.October 2020
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16.3 beta 3 brings lower GPU memory consumption and BRAW 12K for Linux 11.October 2020
AJA FS-HDR v4.0 update brings TV mode for Colorfront Engine and v1.4 BBC HLG LUTs 11.October 2020
Linearization simply explained - Computer Color is Broken... 10.October 2020
AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 CPUs - now through the bench faster than Intel 9.October 2020
Dell UltraSharp UP3221Q: 4K 32" professional monitor with 2,000 mini LED zones, Thunderbolt and colo 8.October 2020
Highspeed S35 Cinecam for 10.000 Dollar - Freefly Wave 8.October 2020
Nvidia AI Video Compression saves streaming data rate with artificial intelligence 7.October 2020
Sony FX9 Firmware 2.01 fixes Noise-Bug in Firmware 2.0. 6.October 2020
Jarred Land - Interview about the RED KOMODO 6K 6.October 2020
OWC introduces first Thunderbolt 4 Hub: 3x Thunderbolt plus 1x USB 3.2 5.October 2020
AI style transfer for video now also interactive in real-time 5.October 2020
New Tele-Macro for mirrorless cameras: SIGMA 105mm F2.8 DG DN MACRO | Art 4.October 2020
Irix cine lenses are now available for Canon RF-Mount 4.October 2020
Video Illusionists - Between Magician and Compositing Artist 3.October 2020
SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD with up to 2,000MB/sec read/write speed 2.October 2020
DC-BGH1 - Does Panasonic bring an MFT broadcast cine-cam? 2.October 2020
Panasonic: New free tool turns Lumix Cams into webcams 1.October 2020
CAME-TV: Q-55W Boltzen 55W Mark II LED Fresnel Daylght 1.October 2020

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