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/// Slashcam News - August 2022
ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED: World'amp;s first foldable 17.3 31.August 2022
New LG monitor independently adjusts to the optimal viewing position via AI 31.August 2022
RF mount: Autofocus lenses from Canon only? 30.August 2022
AMD unveils new processors and new platform - Ryzen 7000 and AM5 30.August 2022
New SanDisk Professional G-Drive external hard drive series with up to 22 TB 29.August 2022
Sirui introduces two more full frame 1.6x anamorphic lenses and an adapter 29.August 2022
New Google AI perfectly de-noises RAW photos of dark scenes - soon also from video? 28.August 2022
Samsung 990 PRO: New NVMe SSD top model reaches the limit of PCIe 4.0 with 7,450 MB/s 28.August 2022
Samyang announcec XEEN CF 135mm T2.2 cine lens 27.August 2022
Optimized: Tilta Pocket Follow Focus (Mini v2.0) 26.August 2022
Beta testers wanted for new ARRI Camera Companion app 26.August 2022
Blackmagic Camera 7.9.2 update brings among other things gyro data for URSA Broadcast G2 25.August 2022
DJI Avata: New FPV drone for beginners 25.August 2022
Teradek will support Sony Ci Cloud workflows 25.August 2022
OM System LS-P5: compact intelligent audio recorder for filmmakers 24.August 2022
YoloLiv Instream: the vertical multi-camera live streaming studio 24.August 2022
Moving objects in videos can be masked only by description thanks to new AI 23.August 2022
Canon experimenting with magnetic liquid camera cooling 23.August 2022
New 27 22.August 2022
Meike announces 7th Prime 135mm T2.4 cine lens 21.August 2022
LG'amp;s new 48 21.August 2022
Viltrox introduces 23mm / 33mm / 56mm T1.5 cine lenses for MFT 20.August 2022
DeepFake instead of reshoot: swear words retroactively removed from feature film 19.August 2022
New Rotolight app enables LED lighting control via smartphone 19.August 2022
Tamron announces 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD full-frame zoom lens 18.August 2022
DJI Mavic 3 receives world'amp;s first C1 drone certificate 18.August 2022
TikTok integrates image generation AI 17.August 2022
Mega fraud: YouTube pays 23 Millionen Dollar to content-ID scammers 17.August 2022
Lexar Professional CFexpress Type A GOLD Memory Cards 16.August 2022
DJI Avata: New CineWhoop FPV drone from DJI coming soon? 16.August 2022
Graphics card prices continue to fall - buy now or wait for new Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs? 15.August 2022
Soon for everyone: Free image generation via AI on the home PC 15.August 2022
Seagate announces 30 TB hard drives for 2023, later 50 TB and more 14.August 2022
Change the background of videos by description via AI 13.August 2022
New Intel Arc Pro Desktop GPUs for small workstations - competition for Nvidia and AMD? 13.August 2022
Sony Xperia PRO(-I) get livestreaming and waveform/false color 12.August 2022
Atomos Connect now supports Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud 12.August 2022
Vegas Pro 20 released with some improvements 11.August 2022
DeepFaceVideoEditing: AI enables changing facial expressions in videos via sketching 11.August 2022
AJA Mini-Config v2.26.4 brings Mini Converters among others 12-Bit SDI 10.August 2022
Sigma introduces 20mm and 24mm F1,4 Art lenses 10.August 2022
Blackmagic raises its prices - and lowers some 9.August 2022
Panasonic S5, S1, S1H and BS1H: Firmware updates bring improved white balance settings with Blackmag 9.August 2022
Blackmagic Cloud Store 1.0.3 Update 9.August 2022
Panasonic Lumix - only mirrorless cameras in development (together with Leica) 8.August 2022
New option makes it easier to edit longer videos for YouTube Shorts 8.August 2022
Which effects are GPU-accelerated in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18? 7.August 2022
New AI automatically perfectly exposes objects from photos 7.August 2022
Accsoon Cineview SE: SDI and HDMI Video Radio Link with Monitoring and Streaming via App 6.August 2022
MT Pro - Aputure introduce their first full-color mini LED tube light 5.August 2022
Linear focus for three Nikkor Z lenses via firmware update 5.August 2022
DJI plans new versions of the Mavic 3 Enterprise and Thermal 4.August 2022
Azden SGM-250H: professional shotgun microphone 4.August 2022
RED V-Raptor XL available soon - V-RAPTOR 8K S35 to follow 3.August 2022
Sony FX3 gets Netflix certification 3.August 2022
Film simulation tool Dehancer Film Pro now also available as beta for Final Cut Pro 2.August 2022
New firmware 3.00 for Sony FX6 brings among other things new features for Sony'amp;s C3 Cloud 2.August 2022
Adobe publishes extensive guide for Premiere Pro long form editors 1.August 2022
Sony Future Filmmaker competition entices with visit to Sony Pictures film studios in Hollywood 1.August 2022

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