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/// Slashcam News - August 2023
Flood the Zone with Videoshit? Ki writes, designs and produces videos in minutes 31.August 2023
CFexpress 4.0 will be twice as fast - first cards as early as 2024 31.August 2023
Apple invites to special event on September 12: New iPhones? USB-C? 3nm chip? ...? 30.August 2023
New Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II 30.August 2023
Sony introduces compact Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7C R full-frame DSLMs with 33 and 61 MP, respectively 29.August 2023
If you could only choose 1 microphone: shotgun, compact condenser or lavalier? 29.August 2023
AMD with new mid-range GPUs - Radeon RX 7700 XT and the RX 7800 XT 29.August 2023
Breaking Bad 2 - The Official Trailer 28.August 2023
8K - 60 fps comes to smartphones - with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 28.August 2023
AI in filmmaking - embrace it or perish? 27.August 2023
Nikon Z8 1.01 and Nikon Z9 4.01 firmware updates with video-relevant improvements 27.August 2023
FaceFusion - Create Face Swapping and DeepFakes easily 26.August 2023
Panasonic S1H successor with variable ND filter on board? Panasonic files exciting patent ... 25.August 2023
FUJIFILM GFX100II rumors intensify - 8K, 10 bit 4:2:2 ProRes 25.August 2023
Midjourney opens up new AI possibilities for everyone with advanced inpainting 24.August 2023
Panasonic announces four new full-frame lenses with updated L-mount lens roadmap 24.August 2023
Boris FX buys 3D tracking software SynthEyes 23.August 2023
Rode Wireless Pro 2-channel radio link with 32-bit float recording, timecode sync and more unveiled 23.August 2023
Western Digital soon to face class action lawsuit over defective SanDisk SSDs? 22.August 2023
US court rejects copyright on AI-generated art 22.August 2023
GoPro Hero 12 virtually unchanged according to latest leaks? 21.August 2023
Ghostbusters test project: real-time shooting with virtual camera in Unreal Engine 21.August 2023
Christopher Nolan, film dialogue and rattling IMAX cameras 20.August 2023
Magix Video deluxe 2024 presented with new interface and text-to-speech 19.August 2023
Firmware update v4.0 for Sony FX6 is now available 18.August 2023
ARRI: New online comparison tool for looks and textures, operate CCM-1 on ALEXA 35 18.August 2023
Moment T-Series, new clip-on lenses for smartphones with larger sensors 17.August 2023
SPARK is supposed to turn iPhones into DSLMs via a smart handle - the future for mobile filmmakers too? 16.August 2023
LAOWA Pro2be - 24mm T8 2X macro lenses for unusual perspectives 15.August 2023
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18.5.1 bugfix update 15.August 2023
New Vegas Pro 21 offers adjustment events, AI Z-depth and more 15.August 2023
New Ninja and Ninja Ultra recorders from Atomos at IBC - now with RemoteView 15.August 2023
New rumors about Nvidia's upcoming RTX 5000 series - Blackwell not until 2025 14.August 2023
Nikon Zf Fullframe Retro DSLM on the way? 14.August 2023
Youtube Tip - PRO Colorist Hacks You NEED to Know 13.August 2023
Attention when buying used! Camera data can be digitally manipulated. 13.August 2023
Premiere Pro 23.6 update with new colour options for ARRIRAW 12.August 2023
Soon more integrated DJI LiDAR AF for Panasonic DSLMs? 11.August 2023
Runway Gen-2 now generates 18 seconds AI videos at a time 10.August 2023
Goodbye Nasdaq - AVID will be sold and become a privately held company 10.August 2023
New workstation cards from Nvidia - slowed down memory and no NVLink 10.August 2023
DJI Introduces New DJI Transmission Standard Combo for Production Monitors 9.August 2023
For Super35: New Mitakon Speedmaster 20mm, 35mm, 50mm T1.0 Cine Lenses 9.August 2023
Body scans in Hollywood - extras on the red list? 8.August 2023
Nvidia Perfusion - Easily add people and objects to AI models 8.August 2023
Modular SmallRig CT190 video tripod available for 154,90 Euro (incl.Monopod) 7.August 2023
new affordable workstation graphics cards from AMD - Radeon PRO W7600 and W7500 7.August 2023
AMD now on par with Nvidia for stable diffusion 6.August 2023
Anamorphic S35 lenses Laowa Nanomorph 65 and 80mm T2.4 1.5x announced 4.August 2023
ARRI Software Update SUP 2.0 for lens motors cforce mini and cforce plus 4.August 2023
Seamless images under water - invisible diving case for Insta360 X3 3.August 2023
Zeiss introduces CinCraft Scenario for real-time camera tracking 3.August 2023
DJI Osmo Action 4 unveiled - larger sensor and GPS Bluetooth remote control 2.August 2023
Novel SPAD sensor: Canon MS-500 counts photons, films without noise? 2.August 2023
Apple, Adobe and Nvidia among others to extend open USD standard for 3D content 2.August 2023
Rode: New charging case for the Wireless GO II - TX modules for ME and GO II available separately 1.August 2023
Cinebot Mini - motion control for smaller Sets 1.August 2023

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