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/// Slashcam News - September 2023
Google shows AI-bulltet-time effect incl. slow motion, blur and stabilizer - DynIBaR 30.September 2023
RED's high-end cine camera series V-Raptor gets face detection autofocus 29.September 2023
IMAX blockbuster The Creator shot with 5,000 Euro camera - Sony'amp;s FX3 28.September 2023
HeyGen Video Translate offers easy translation and dubbing of video clips 28.September 2023
Writers strike in Hollywood will end after almost 5 months 27.September 2023
Nikon introduces the 27.September 2023
Videoclip: AJA Kona X High Performance I/O Board + HDR Image Analyzer explained 26.September 2023
Blackmagic: New DeckLink 8K Pro Mini and Video Assist Update for Fujifilm GFX100 II 26.September 2023
DJI Mini 4 Pro unveiled with 4K 10bit, 100fps, OcuSync 4.0 and more 25.September 2023
Last Call - Final Spurt! The Nikon RAW Grading Contest ends on September 27th 2023 at 21h! 25.September 2023
Google Pixel 8 (Pro) - New level of "computational" videography through AI? 25.September 2023
Accsoon CineView Nano - wireless preview/recording on smartphones/tablets 24.September 2023
Asus ProArt Display PA32UCXR - built-in colorimeter 23.September 2023
Video clip: The new Atomos monitor/recorder line-up explained: new features, applications and more, 22.September 2023
YouTube: new editing app available - and video AI tools coming soon 22.September 2023
DALL-E 3 is here and generates more accurate AI images thanks to ChatGPT integration 21.September 2023
Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video - New color reference card for video applications 21.September 2023
Video clip: Canon RF Cine fixed focal length explained 20.September 2023
Nikon Z f retro-look full-frame DSLM (FM2) unveiled for 2,499 Euro: 24MP sensor, 4K 10-bit 60p ... 20.September 2023
Video clip - Adobe Premiere Pro explained: Automatically remove pauses and filler words with AI, etc. 19.September 2023
SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE Project, G-RAID Mirror and PRO-CINEMA CFexpress Type B memory cards announced 19.September 2023
Adobe introduces credit-based model for generative AI (and Creative Cloud gets more expensive) 18.September 2023
Voigtländer Nokton RF 50mm f/1 arrives in October 18.September 2023
From text to audio: Stable Audio generates music and sound effects with AI 18.September 2023
Video Clip: SmallRigs new VB99 Pro Battery, ultra-compact 60W LED and Smartphone Cage 18.September 2023
Atomos Edit - new extension for Adobe Premiere Pro 17.September 2023
Videoclip: Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K explained 16.September 2023
Sennheiser introduces MKH 8030 - HF condenser microphone with figure-of-eight pattern 16.September 2023
Interview: Blackmagic iPhone Camera App and Cloud explained 16.September 2023
Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K G2 - updated and available soon 16.September 2023
DZOFilm PAVO, new 2x anamorphic cine lenses for Super35 15.September 2023
Grass Valley announces EDIUS 11 with KI-based functions, dedicated audio editor and more 15.September 2023
Atomos Shogun und Shogun Ultra - updated 7 15.September 2023
Blackmaigc DaVinci Resolve 18.6 update 15.September 2023
Blackmagic launches free professional camera app for iPhone: Camera App 14.September 2023
Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K introduced - full frame sensor and L-mount for 2.805 Euros 14.September 2023
The ultimate LED light? ARRI SkyPanel X - modular, hard, soft, all-wheather 14.September 2023
Monitor & Control - new remote control app for Sony FX3/FX30/FX6 14.September 2023
Premiere Pro, After Effects and Frame.io - More AI, 3D Workspace and AWS Cloud 13.September 2023
Intel unveils Thunderbolt 5 - three times faster and up to 240W power delivery 13.September 2023
Panasonic Leica MFT zoom lenses H-ES35100 and H-RSA100400 13.September 2023
Apple unveils flagship iPhone 15 Pro Lineup with 3 nm CPU, ACES, external ProRes recording, new LOG and more 12.September 2023
Sony Burano is official - smaller CineAlta camera with autofocus 12.September 2023
New MFT camera from Panasonic LUMIX G9II. The better GH6? 12.September 2023
Seven cine primes with RF bayonet from Canon 12.September 2023
FUJIFILM GFX100 II - New medium format camera (also) for filmmakers! 12.September 2023
AJA updates HDR Image Analyzer 12G, announces Kona X and 12G-SDI openGear cards 11.September 2023
Samyang introduces two new XEEN Meister lenses (14mm T1.3, 24mm T2.6) 11.September 2023
Sony Crystal LED VERONA - modular LED walls with new Deep Black technology 10.September 2023
Panasonic teases new Lumix G camera with 8.September 2023
Kinofest 2023 - go to the movies for 5 euros 8.September 2023
Sony teases new CineAlta camera: Burano. Presentation coming soon ... 7.September 2023
GoPro introduces HERO12 Black with HDR / GP-Log and longer battery life 6.September 2023
Sony ILX-LR1 - compact full frame box camera with Camera Remote SDK 6.September 2023
Five new SP3 full-frame cineprimes from Cooke - 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm 6.September 2023
DJI Mini 4 Pro approaching: Leaked specs point to 4K 100 fps and omnidirectional vision sensors 5.September 2023
Will the iPhone Ultra 16 film spatial video for Apple's Vision Pro headset? 5.September 2023
Cinematography: The Look of Barbie or the Umbrellas of Cherbourg 4.September 2023
What'amp;s New in Avid Media Composer (2023.8) - Transcription and Classic Layout 4.September 2023
Tilta Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System now available 3.September 2023
New 31.5-inch 8K monitor from ViewSonic: VG3281 to cost about ,400 2.September 2023
Angénieux introduces multi-format zoom EZ3: 45-165mm T2.3/T3 (S35) / 68-250 T3.5/T4.5 (FF) 1.September 2023
Sony Xperia 5 V smartphone with 21:9 OLED display and "only" 2 cameras 1.September 2023

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