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13th Blender Open Movie released - Sprite Fright

13th Blender Open Movie released - Sprite Fright

[13:50 wed,3.November 2021   by ]    

Even with the item number (13) fitting for Halloween, Blender Studio has completed and released another Open Movie. Blender Studio&s thirteenth "open movie" is an 80&s inspired horror comedy set in the UK: When a group of rowdy teenagers wander into a remote forest, they discover peaceful mushroom creatures that turn out to be an unexpected force of nature....

Compared to previous films, the new work is considerably more sarcastic and brutal, which can certainly be attributed to its spot-on release as a Halloween film.


Once again, the creation of this film is in the foreground, i.e. the film is the result of trying out and documenting new functions in Blender 3.0. Thanks to the Blender Studio, users can learn how to work with Blender by watching practical scenes from the film.

The Blender Studio is the creative part of Blender HQ. A dedicated team of artists and developers tackle creative-technical goals to help Blender users and advance the development of Blender. They do this in an open source production environment and by sharing everything they make under an open and free license.

For this project, the Blender Studio team wanted to take a more story-driven approach to film production and improve their 3D production pipeline. Led by Matthew Luhn (a Pixar veteran) and working with a team of over 20 artists and developers, this has become Blender Studio&s most ambitious production to date.


All assets, film versions and know-how are openly available as part of the process. (Though not for free, you have to become a Blender Studio member). In return you get access not only to all assets but also to interesting topics like the "Production Logs" (the weekly progress of the team with breakdowns, artwork and blend files).

Blender itself of course remains available for free and is said to have improved its production pipeline once again based on the experiences of this movie.

Click here to go directly to the movie, curtain up....

Link more infos at bei studio.blender.org

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: "Sprite Fright": 13ter Blender Open Movie veröffentlicht

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