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8K120p full frame sensor competition from China - Gpixel GCINE4349

8K120p full frame sensor competition from China - Gpixel GCINE4349

[13:31 wed,15.December 2021   by ]    

After Sony has served the large format/cine sensor market almost single-handedly over the last few years, a new sensor supplier surprisingly appears on the cine stage.

Gpixel from China shows on its datasheet for the GCINE4349 a highly competitive 8K120p full-frame sensor, which - at least on paper - can easily compete with current sensor flagships. The data sheet (and also the linked website) explicitly refer to cine applications.

The DualGain readout option, which is supposed to allow 87dB signal-to-noise ratio at 16 bit quantization, is outstanding. Sensors that can be read out with two gain levels basically promise a high dynamic range and are almost only found in dedicated cine cameras (ARRI cameras with ALEV sensors, Blackmagic&s URSA 4.6K sensor as well as some new Canon Cinema EOS models).

The claimed 87 dB dynamic range for dual-gain readout corresponds to about 14.5 f-stops, which is a very respectable value for an 8K sensor with 4.3 μm sensors. The rolling shutter cannot be slower than 8.3.ms at 120p. However, this only applies to DCI formats. If you want to use the full 3:2 image height for moving images, you can only downsample to 6K or 4K.

The Gpixel GCINE4349 sensor

In addition, there are HDR readout modes, which are calculated by multiple exposures and buffering on the sensor. Here, the manufacturer mentions up to 110 dB dynamic range or 18 f-stops. However, such specifications usually cannot be compared qualitatively with a clean dual gain readout.

By the way, Gpixel is not a fundamentally new sensor manufacturer, but the company has been designing sensors for various applications (among others also in Belgium and Japan) for about 10 years. The fact that Gpixel now explicitly produces cine sensors (and announces them by name as a series) suggests that we can expect and will see more here. Maybe even a similar 6K-S35 sensor soon?

Link more infos at bei www.gpixel.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: 8K120p Vollformat-Sensor für Cine-Kameras -- Konkurrenz für Sony aus China


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: 8K120p Vollformat-Sensor für Cine-Kameras -- Konkurrenz für Sony aus China

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