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A very critical look at the RED MINI Mags

A very critical look at the RED MINI Mags

[11:38 fri,5.July 2019   by ]    

Jinni.Tech, obviously a supplier of alternative storage media for Red cameras, has released a video in which a rather expensive storage medium from RED (more precisely a MINI-MAG) has been dismantled and found quite banal innards.


This is important because RED claims that they "invented" and patented the RED MINI-MAGs and developed their own IP and SSD firmware for them. For this reason, a RED MINI-MAG should have significantly fewer card errors than the media of other companies. RED would spend millions of dollars on tests, certifications and QCs of all media they supply. And RED claims that the RED MINI-MAGs are manufactured in the USA and that (as of March 2017) RED MINI-MAG is a patented technology.

The video, on the other hand, suggests a very alternative factual situation, which suggests, among other things, that the MINI Mag was screwed together at most in the USA and that it otherwise only contains freely available components from the Asian region. And the maker even succeeds in proving other things: Among other things, that RED obviously exaggerated with the capacity specification and the firmware was not modified by RED at all. Among other things, he clearly proves this by installing an alternative SSD in a RED-MINI Mag, which can be used as an original medium in his RED Raven without any problems.

The evidence of this video speaks therefore strongly for the fact that RED takes its mouth quite full concerning its storage media. We are curious whether and if so how Red will react to the accusations in the video...

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Ein sehr kritischer Blick auf RED MINI Mags


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Ein sehr kritischer Blick auf RED MINI Mags

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