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AI copies movie style of

AI copies movie style of "Into the Spider-Verse" in record time

[12:27 Mon,14.November 2022   by ]    

Into the Spider-Verse broke aesthetic boundaries for many animators four years ago and is also considered by international critics to be one of the best cinematic implementations of the typical action comic style in a moving film. But the development of the look took several years of research and development at the time before the film's groundbreaking style ultimately stood.

Now, as we all know, one of the domains of artificial intelligence is the ability to learn image styles and apply them to other subjects. However, this is by no means as easy with moving images as it is with stills, since here the difference between the stylized frames quickly becomes too great and the sequence of images thus no longer consistent.

The Corridor crew has nevertheless accepted the challenge and tried to create a small fan film with the latest Stable Diffusion developments, which copies the style of the Spiderverse as exactly as possible, or modifies scenes in already existing scenes in a believable way. You can see the result here:

...and now already not anymore, because it was removed from Youtube due to a copyright complaint.

But if you are quick, you can still see the Making Of here, at the end of which the entire fan film can also (still??) be seen:

In this Making Of the Corridor crew describes very nicely how they first analyzed the typical style elements and then generated them with the help of Stable Diffusion. The resulting work shows impressively how effectively a corresponding style can be "borrowed". This naturally raises the question of the extent to which a style can or may be protected. And to what extent an artificial intelligence can be inspired by artistic intellectual property for its own creations.

Strictly speaking, however, this question was already a frequent point of contention in court long before Stable Diffusion.....

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

deutsche Version dieser Seite: KI kopiert Filmstil von "Into the Spider-Verse"in Rekordzeit


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: KI kopiert Filmstil von "Into the Spider-Verse"in Rekordzeit

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