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AI creates temporally consistent anime animation - with tools for everyone

AI creates temporally consistent anime animation - with tools for everyone

[13:23 Mon,27.February 2023   by ]    

bildYes, yes, yes. AI will change everything in the film world, already - clear next topic, please.
How about anime then - perhaps the least "democratised" film genre to date? After all, producing an anime film still requires a lot of "manual labour" in the sense of human illustrators and animators. Full-length productions or series are therefore still firmly in the hands of financially strong animation studios.

AI is hardly suitable for anime production because the problem of temporal consistency is simply too obvious. Even the smallest changes in shape, line or style are immediately noticed in a negative way in moving frames.

The Corridor Crew has already attracted attention recently with its very creative use of AI open source tools and has now achieved another small milestone in solving current AI problems. With a very small team they created the following anime short film "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS" in a very short time:

If you look at the result with an open mind, you will only notice inconsistencies with a classic manga film in a few places. In fact, however, this film was primarily shot in front of a green screen, whereby the AI then played a decisive and active role in transforming the scenes into a consistent manga style.

Fortunately, the Corridor crew doesn&t want to keep their experience to themselves, but shares their workflow in an extremely detailed making-of video with the - not entirely unjustified - somewhat self-praising title: "Have we just changed animation production forever?

In fact, the team had to pursue several approaches to ultimately reach the goal of their own anime film. The fresh basic idea of no longer randomly generating the noise between the images led to more consistent results between the images in terms of time, but the additional training of their own style was also an important building block. And last but not least, a trivial "flicker filter" for the green screen shots helped to really achieve a "consistent manga look".

In any case, the result is astonishing and shows that manga production for everyone is no longer a distant prospect. The first comments also mention that these ideas could also be linked to ControlNet, where TikTok anime dance animations that are also consistent in time have been coming to light for a week.

In any case, AI sensations in the film industry will continue apace in 2023. Especially since one should bear in mind that the underlying stable diffusion was only "released" half a year ago.

Link more infos at bei www.youtube.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: KI erzeugt zeitlich konsistente Anime-Animation - mit Tools für Jedermann


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: KI erzeugt zeitlich konsistente Anime-Animation - mit Tools für Jedermann

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