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AJA: New Dante AV 4K-T/4K-R converters and many firmware updates at NAB 2023

AJA: New Dante AV 4K-T/4K-R converters and many firmware updates at NAB 2023

[11:12 Mon,17.April 2023   by ]    

AJA unveiled the new Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R converters at NAB 2023, along with several software and firmware updates that bring a host of new features, namely BRIDGE LIVE v1.14 and AJA Diskover Media Edition, as well as ColorBox v2.0, HELO Plus V2.0 and FS-HDR v4.2.

AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R Converter

AJA&s only HArdware introduction at NAB 2023 is the Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R Converters, two new transmitter/receiver converters for transporting and controlling professional-quality 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/VESA Dante video and audio with low latency to/from 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 devices over a 1 GigE Dante AV network. Audio and video streams from AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R can be managed using Dante Controller software.

AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R Converter

Building on AJA&s OG-DANTE-12GAM 12G-SDI/Dante 64-channel audio embedder/disembedder, the new devices enable seamless integration of high-quality, visually lossless video into AV-over-IP environments in stadiums, arenas, theaters, churches, schools, office complexes, hotels, conference rooms and more.

AJA Dante AV 4K-T Converter

AJA Dante AV 4K-T leverages Audinate&s new high image quality Dante AV Ultra solution for standard 1 GigE networks, converting 4K/UHD/2K/HD/VESA SDI and HDMI signals to Dante AV Ultra signals, while Dante AV 4K-R supports conversion of Dante AV Ultra signals to 4K/UHD/2K/HD/VESA SDI and HDMI. Both devices offer low latency and time synchronization, ensuring lip sync to venue screens and for external broadcasts and streams.

AJA Dante AV 4K-T and 4K-R are available now at ,495 each.

AJA HELO Plus V2.0

Free firmware v2.0 for AJA&s HELO Plus H.264 streaming/encoding/recorder brings a number of new live streaming enhancements. The update also introduces two new licensable features, including simultaneous streaming/recording of multi-channel stereo audio and PlayToStream, which allows users to use a previously recorded program for a future streaming event.


HELO Plus v2.0 will be available for download from the AJA support site in May and will include new features such as additional audio options, full integration with Facebook Live, SDI and HDMI status overlays, and more. An optionally purchasable new PlayToStream license allows a previously recorded show to be played as a streaming source, even in parallel with another live stream. The add-on can also be used to record a live stream to a storage device connected to HELO Plus and play back the stream immediately after the recording ends or at a later time.

True multi-channel stereo audio streaming is also now available via a separate optional license that supports two simultaneous channels of stereo audio streaming/recording. This feature allows one stereo audio pair to be assigned for streaming content in one language and the other for streaming the same content in another language for multilingual requirements.

AJA ColorBox

AJA ColorBox V2.0

With the new v2.0 firmware, ColorBox, AJA&s compact converter for color management workflows, gets an additional license that expands ColorBox&s Colorfront Engine video processing options to include the new TV and Live modes. In addition to support for the latest BBC HLG LUTs v1.6, the release also features an ORION-CONVERT update with a gamma compensation function to ensure compatibility between different color conversion formats. In addition, the version includes a number of other features, such as support for overlaying frame lines or other graphics, and five additional built-in test patterns.



Firmware V4.2 for AJA&s www.aja.com/products/fs-hdr (FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter/image synchronizer introduces the new Colorfront TV mode, which uses Colorfront&s latest Color Science, as well as updates to the live and movie modes that give FS-HDR support for ARRI LogC4 transforms. BBC LUTs have been updated to v1.6, including a new combination LUT for camera shading in live productions and a new CAM (Color Appearance Model) based LUT.


Firmware update V1.14 for BRIDGE LIVE, AJA&s multi-channel UltraHD (UHD) and HD live video solution for remote production, brings optional perpetual JPEG XS I/O licenses available per HD channel or UltraHD channel/four HD channels and optimizes user workflows with feature enhancements that help automate workflow tasks.


The update introduces support for ST2022-7 Hitless Redundancy through packet-by-packet comparison of RTP-encapsulated traffic, in addition to a new RTMP input with H.264 4:2:0 8-bit. In addition, the update gives BRIDGE LIVE automatic input reconfiguration for video and audio formats, ensuring that incoming formats are automatically detected and routed to the output. The output setting then determines whether the formats (i.e., frame size, bit rate, etc.) remain the same or change (EG: frame size, bit rate, etc.).

AJA Diskover Media Edition

AJA Diskover Media Edition

Getting a major update is AJA&s data management tool AJA Diskover Media Edition - it brings enhanced security, richer metadata, gives users live insights into their data and streamlines deployment. It also includes enhanced search capabilities and new platform integrations. Seamless integration of third-party platforms is enabled by the CineSys Cineviewer Player plug-in, which allows end users to validate media content in a read-only environment, protecting source data.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: AJA: Neue Dante AV 4K-T/4K-R Konverter und viele Firmware-Updates zur NAB 2023

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