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AJA releases Bridge Live v1.11 brings HLS input, VBR low latency, E-AC3 input, among other things.

AJA releases Bridge Live v1.11 brings HLS input, VBR low latency, E-AC3 input, among other things.

[14:03 sun,4.April 2021   by ]    

AJA is gifting its UltraHD/multi-channel HD decoding, transcoding, decoding and contribution solution Bridge Live with new features via update 1.11, including HLS input, VBRVBR im Glossar erklärt low latency, E-AC3 input and numerous usability enhancements for efficient pipeline management.

AJA Bridge Live is a plug-and-play 1RU streaming gateway solution that enables uncompressed UltraHD or multichannel HD baseband SDISDI im Glossar erklärt video to/from a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs (H.265, H.264, MPEG-2MPEG-2 im Glossar erklärt, and optionally JPEG 2000), including transmission with SRT over the Internet.

Bridge Live combines AJA I/O hardware with Comprimato's encoding/decoding/transcoding software to provide video processing with SDISDI im Glossar erklärt encoding or decoding for one channel UltraHD up to 60p or up to four channels 1080 60p HD simultaneously over four 12G SDISDI im Glossar erklärt links that are also backward compatible with 6G, 3G and 1.5G SDI.

AJA Live Bridge

HLS input supports both AVC TS segments for H.264 and the emerging fragmented MP4 standard for H.265/H.264, new VBRVBR im Glossar erklärt implementation enables lower latency presets with algorithmic intelligence, and a new E-AC3 input supports Dolby Digital workflows. In addition, pipeline upgrades include coexistence of different timebases, more efficient preset management tools, and REST API enhancements that enable calls to start and stop pipelines individually.

Bridge Live Update 1.11 is available for download now from AJA's website, ships by default with all newly purchased devices, and is also available to existing users with an active maintenance contract. Customers without a maintenance contract can access bug fixes in v1.11, but will not gain access to new features.

The new features of AJA Bridge Live 1.11 in detail.

- Per new settings file low_latency.ini, VBRVBR im Glossar erklärt TS and the latency estimation algorithm, H.26x decoding by GPU can be enabled and the x264 encoder can be tuned
- The new HLS input enables new functi9ons like HLS input to SDISDI im Glossar erklärt output, HLS input to TS output , HLS input to transport stream output, HD AVC TS segments (H.264) and fFragmented MP4 (H.264 and H.265)
- Individual pipelines can now be started/stopped via the REST API
- Pipelines with different rates can now coexist in the interface.
- InterfaceInterface im Glossar erklärt improvements include new button to upload one or more pipelines; download all pipelines; clone pipelines/(audio) output stream; and
- Enhanced AC-3 (aka Dolby Digital Plus) decoding.
- For new installations starting with v1.11, Bridge Live defaults to DHCP, even after a factory reset.
- Lazy pipeline startup to avoid possible initial overload.
- Improvements in handling multiple pipelines of interlaced formats.
- Fixed a critical issue where logging data could affect internal disk space under certain circumstances.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: AJA veröffentlicht Bridge Live v1.11 bringt u.a. HLS-Eingang, VBR-Low-Latency, E-AC3-Eingang


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: AJA veröffentlicht Bridge Live v1.11 bringt u.a. HLS-Eingang, VBR-Low-Latency, E-AC3-Eingang

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