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AMD previews processor future Ryzen 7000 and Mendocino

AMD previews processor future Ryzen 7000 and Mendocino

[15:20 mon,23.May 2022   by ]    

This morning at Computex, AMD gave a big preview of its upcoming processor architecture in a keynote, which should be available in stores starting this fall. Thus, after more than five years, AMD&s desktop processors will get a new socket (AM5), which will be usable with the upcoming Ryzen 7000 processor generation for the first time.

AM5 mainboards will exclusively run with (dual) DDR5 memory configuration, DDR4 is not supported. Existing AM4 coolers can still be used with the new version. However, the upcoming AM5 processors are also allowed to "bring along" up to 170 watts of power dissipation, which is once again significantly more than the most power-thirsty AM4 models. Furthermore, up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes can be directly connected to the processor, which promises a fast SSD connection in addition to 16x graphics. The remaining connects are designed according to the motherboard chipset, of which there will be at least three classes (A620, B650, and X670).


A first speed demonstration of the new processors then provided some excitement. A "comparable" Ryzen 7000 rendered about 31 percent faster than Intel&s Core i9-12900K in a Blender scene. At the same time, AMD promises at least 15 percent more single-core performance compared to the last/current Zen3+ generation. How much it will actually be in practice will be seen in the fall when the first systems land on the market.

At the same time, AMD announced that many of the Ryzen 6000 laptops announced after Christmas are now available. However, AMD then showed "Mendocino" as a really exciting mobile innovation, which is an interesting combination of four somewhat older Zen2 cores and AMD&s latest RDNA2 graphics architecture, which is intended for particularly price-sensitive Windows laptops and Chromebooks. This should enable very cheap and frugal laptops suitable for video editing, which should not be too far below Apple&s M1 in terms of performance - and then at a fraction of the price. These processors are manufactured monolithically in TSMC&s 6nm process.


However, Apple will probably have raised the bar even further with the upcoming M2 processor (manufactured in 4nm) in fall 2022 at the latest.

Link more infos at bei www.heise.de

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: AMD Ryzen 7000 und Mendocino - neue Prozessoren für Herbst angekündigt

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