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ARRI: Update for free lighting control App Stellar 1.5 brings real-time collaboration

ARRI: Update for free lighting control App Stellar 1.5 brings real-time collaboration

[10:35 fri,19.July 2019   by ]    

With the update to version 1.5, ARRI gives its free professional lighting control App Stellar (iOS/Android) some interesting new functions, such as Live Synchronization Beta, export and import of projects and scenes as well as iCloud backup. The central aspect of the new features is data exchange and collaboration.

The new version of Stellar allows team members to work together on the same scene/same project in real time via Live Sync Beta. Changes to the values of one parameter of the lights by one user are synchronized with the devices of the other users in the background. Setup is simple and takes less than a minute.

ARRI Stellar

Also new is the function for exporting and importing projects and scenes. The export can take place in different ways - by sending to the iCloud, by e-mail, messaging, wireless sharing or simply saving. Color favorites (colors or color palettes) can now be easily exported or imported.

Under iOS, projects, scenes and favorites can now be saved in the iCloud. This synchronization is automatic and immediate, so files can be shared across multiple devices via an iCloud account.

Other enhancements include the ability to delete all favorites; an optimized user interface for lighting effects; a black-out indicator for lights; improved RDM identification behavior; visibility of separate devices; and more.

Stellar offers numerous features for the intuitive and visual management of lighting settings via radio and is tailored to the professional needs of the film set. Various lighting setups can be organised according to projects and scenes using an app. Once a new scene has been created, all ARRI lights accessible via radio are automatically detected and can be individually named and assigned to groups for easier control.

In order to control complex lighting setups easily, an architectural overview graphic / light plot of the respective scene can be imported into Stellar, on which all lights can then be arranged and controlled in a targeted manner.

ARRI Stellar with architectural overview graphics

The new version Stellar 1.5 is now available for free for iOS and Android. ARRI recommends to update the lights (like ARRI SkyPanels or L5, L7 or L10), which should be controlled by Stellar, to the latest firmware.

Link more infos at bei microsites.arri.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: ARRI: Kostenlose Lichtsteuerungs App Stellar 1.5 bringt u.a. Echtzeit Kollaboration


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: ARRI: Kostenlose Lichtsteuerungs App Stellar 1.5 bringt u.a. Echtzeit Kollaboration

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