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ARRI SkyPanel firmware update brings light SFX, high speed and source adjustment // NAB 2017

ARRI SkyPanel firmware update brings light SFX, high speed and source adjustment // NAB 2017

[17:49 wed,26.April 2017   by ]    

ARRI has a big free of charge for its SkyPanel LED Softlights Update with 10 innovations / improvements by firmware 3.0. The three most interesting innovations are probably the light effects, the high speed mode and the light source adjustment. The 12 new light effects (similar to those of the Rotolight AEOS) Adjustable parameters and make an extra programming or an extra effect device superfluous. The effects simulate the light or the light changes of, among other things, candles, passing clouds, disco, blue light, paparazzi, fireworks, television and flashes. PIC1: ARRI SkyPanel TheLight source adjustment function provides 46 preprogrammed exposure settings for the SkyPanel, which are similar to those of popular light sources such as tungsten lights, candles, or white neon lights - so a manual adjustment is not necessary. The high-speed mode allows users to shoot with any shutter speed or shutter angle without flicker effect or other disturbing side effects through the light - successfully tested Frameraten up to 25.00 fps. Other new features are the streaming ACN (sACN) implementation, ie communication with the SkyPanel via Ethernet; 8 new presets and a preset Asu choice via DMX; An OnBoard RGBW mode; A calibratable RGBW mode that allows you to individually adjust the intensity of the four R / G / B / W SkyPanel LED channels; Frequency selection; SkyPanel Webserver, ie the SykPanel can be used by browser

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