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Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI - turns iPhone and iPad into 1080p60 - SDI Streaming Monitor-Recorder

Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI - turns iPhone and iPad into 1080p60 - SDI Streaming Monitor-Recorder

[10:34 Sun,16.April 2023   by ]    

We had already reported in October 2022 about the Accsoon SeeMo adapter, which enables professional monitoring of an HDMI camera image with an iPhone or iPad by means of an iOS app, and at the same time can record video and stream it live to the network.

Another "Pro" model has now been introduced at NAB 2023: Based on the technology of the original SeeMo HDMI model, the SeeMo Pro SDI is a small box that connects between your camera or other SDI/HDMI source and your iOS device via a Lightning or USB-C cable.

The SeeMo Pro SDI can accept HD signals up to 1080p 60fps via either HD SDI or HDMI from cameras, mixers, game consoles, and wireless receivers. The HD SDI output can also be looped through to other SDI devices. However, internal HDMI to SDI conversion is not possible in this case.

The Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI has HD-SDI inputs and outputs as well as an HDMI input.

The SeeMo Pro SDI is powered by Sony NP-F batteries or via a professional 2-pin DC connector. It can simultaneously power a connected iPad or iPhone with 5V/2.4A, extending its operating time. It can also charge other devices via USB-C and act as a power bank.

With the free Accsoon SEE app, it turns any current iPad or iPhone into a production monitor with a set of professional tools such as waveform, magnification, vectorscope, false color, peaking and audio level meters. Users can apply custom LUTs or use the Onion Skin image overlay to precisely align their shots. There is also the ability to equalize anamorphic video on-screen or flip the video to facilitate self-recording.

The Accsoon SEE App.

Accsoon claims to have optimized the SeeMo adapters and SEE app to have incredibly low latency. A video test posted online for this shows that the SeeMo HDMI has about the same latency as an unspecified Video Assist from Blackmagic Design.

Unfortunately, Accsoon doesn&t give any concrete numbers, and the overall latency in this video is around 200ms - which is still a bit off from the typical 2-3 frames frame offset of professional SDI preview solutions.

The SeeMo Pro SDI features a rugged, lightweight aluminum housing with multiple 1/4-inch mounting points. To accomplish this, SeeMo Pro can be attached directly to the back of an iPhone or iPad mini. Alternatively, camera operators can attach SeeMo separately to their camera or gimbal.

The Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI on a camera.

HD videos can also be recorded directly in the iOS device and are then treated in the same way as videos recorded with the internal cameras of the iPhone or iPad. The maximum recording resolution is 1080p60 in 8-bit H.264 with a variable bit rate. In addition, the videos can be streamed live via RTMP to popular video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Furthermore, earlier this week Zacuto announced the Zacuto Z-finder, an electronic viewfinder solution for iOS based on a customized version of the SEE app, in collaboration with Accsoon. The SeeMo Pro SDI can hereby also turn an iPhone into a professional SDI/HDMI EVF.

The SeeMo Pro SDI is expected to cost and should be available in the summer of 2023.

Link more infos at bei accsoon.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI - macht iPhone/iPad zu 1080p60 SDI-Streaming Monitor-Recorder


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI - macht iPhone/iPad zu 1080p60 SDI-Streaming Monitor-Recorder

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