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Adobe Creative Cloud - new features for Premiere Pro and After Effects 2020

Adobe Creative Cloud - new features for Premiere Pro and After Effects 2020

[15:04 tue,15.September 2020   by ]    

This year&s IBC took place for well-known reasons only in the head, but this did not stop Adobe from announcing an update of its video products at the usual time. The advance notice for the press was even limited to Premiere Pro and After Effects this time, sideshows like Audition or Character Animator were not presented this time (and probably won&t get any noteworthy innovations on the way). And even for Adobe&s hobby-horses of video production, the newly added features are limited:

Adobe Premiere Pro>/strong>

The biggest innovation under Premiere Pro is the automatic scene detectionscene detection im Glossar erklärt in a clip. This is especially useful if you want to rework an already finished clip scene by scene. For this purpose, the clip can be split up into individual clips again in the timeline using an AI algorithm.

Scene Edit Detection

The user can choose whether the clip should be cut at each recognized interface, whether clip markers should be set and whether a bin with subclips should be created.

In addition, a continuous Rec2100 HLG-HDR workflow has now been implemented, which among other things should also ensure correct values in the Lumetri Scopes.

And last but not least there is a new quick export function for all users who do not want to bother with the media encoder. Here you can find the most frequently used presets with just one mouse click. This function is not intended to replace the Media Encoder, but simply as a shortcut to quickly play back a project.

In addition, the ProRES Multicam performance has been improved and the scanning of audio effects at startup is much faster.

Adobe After Effects

There is only one major innovation in After Effects, but it&s the retouching of the 3D space. With "3D Transform Gizmos" you can now transform objects in 3D space better. For this purpose there are clear handles on which individual objects can be scaled, moved and rotated.

3D Transform Gizmos

Beginners no longer stumble over the fact that they have to set up a camera first, because this camera now always exists by default. Nevertheless, it is still possible to set up several cameras for a scene, which can be controlled by circling, panning or dolly driving and even by custom keyboard shortcuts.

And also the performance has improved: Channel Effects GPU-accelerated (incl. Minimax, Shift Channels, Set Channels and Channel Combine). Furthermore, the OpenEXR preview is said to be even faster.

The updates are to be made available to all Creative Cloud subscribers in a timely manner...

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Creative Cloud - neue Funktionen für Premiere Pro und After Effects 2020

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