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Adobe Performance: Premiere Pro Beta for Apple M1 on average 77% faster

Adobe Performance: Premiere Pro Beta for Apple M1 on average 77% faster

[17:56 tue,8.June 2021   by ]    

The Premiere Pro version specially programmed for Apple M1 systems works significantly faster than on a comparable Intel-based Apple system, this was already clear when the first beta was launched in December. Now Adobe has published more concrete comparison figures for performance; they come from a report that Adobe itself commissioned from Pfeiffer Consulting.


The Premiere Pro Beta was compared on 13" MacBook Pros with 2TB SSD hard drives, once equipped with M1 chipset, 8-core CPUs and GPUs and 16 GB unified memory architecture, the Intel-based systems had 2.3 gH quad-core CPUs and 16 GB onboard memory. On average, the report attests to a 77% improvement in speed from project start to final export for the beta for M1.

XAVC 4K media at 25, 50, and 100p were tested, as well as XAVC S-I 4K 50p, ProRes 422ProRes 422 im Glossar erklärt, and 4K footage from the iPhone 12. The latest test results (it's a bit unclear what "latest" refers to - it appears the latest update to the beta was used) show significant improvements in import, playback, and export, according to Adobe. XAVC S 4K footage was 187 percent faster to import, according to the results, and encoding to ProRes 422ProRes 422 im Glossar erklärt was also 129 percent faster (than on the Intel MacBook).

Taking playback performance out of the report (on page 13), the M1 version performed significantly better and was able to play back both XAVC S at 100p and iPhone 4K 60p footage at appropriate frame rates, while failing to do so on the Intel system:


Furthermore, the beta on M1 can, according to Adobe

- launch 50% faster
- Open projects 77% faster
- Save projects 168% faster
- Calculate wipe effect with gradient 90% faster
- Calculate fade spot effect 66% faster

Scene Edit Detection, supported by Adobe Sensei, is a full 430% faster on an M1 13-inch MacBook Pro than on an Intel-based system with identical specs. However, it was already known that the Sensei functions would particularly benefit, since they can use the dedicated Machine Learning chip. The longer battery life of the M1 thanks to the unified memory architecture is also no surprise, but no less pleasing.

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Performance: Premiere Pro Beta für Apple M1 im Schnitt 77% schneller

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