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Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 brings new effect options

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 brings new effect options

[09:40 thu,22.October 2020   by ]    

Adobe has updated the hobby editing program Premiere Elements (as well as Photoshop Elements). The new features include some largely automated ways to spice up a video with effects. For example, you can now use a drawn mask to define image areas of a video for which an effect is applied to the entire clip. It is also possible to animate mask overlays in order to apply different shapes and animation styles to entire videos, to individual scenes or as crossfades. For example, a new double exposure effect can be used to play back a video within a photo.

Premiere Elements 2021 mask selection

An unspecified GPU acceleration is intended to improve performance so that effects can be played back in real time. In media organization, an automatic backup of the catalog structure of albums, keyword tags, locations, events and other features is new so that this information can be easily restored when needed. New music tracks are also available for selection for the soundtrack.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is available (without obligation to subscribe) at a one-time fixed price of 96.28 Euro (incl. 16% VAT) and in a bundle with Photoshop Elements for 145 Euro.

Premiere Elements 2021 mask transition

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 verfügbar mit neuen Effekt-Funktionen

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