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Aputure Infinibar: New RGBWW LED pixel bar as a versatile lighting solution for filmmakers

Aputure Infinibar: New RGBWW LED pixel bar as a versatile lighting solution for filmmakers

[15:32 Thu,2.March 2023   by ]    

The Infinibar is the first RGBWW full color LED pixel bar from lighting specialist Aputure. A special feature of the Infinibar is its modular seamless design, which allows several Infinibars to be placed next to each other in different shapes by means of its different mounting and connection options, and to be used like one large coherent light without any visible gaps - which is why Aputure has also christened its new light the Infini(ty)bar.

Aputure Infinibar

This is facilitated on the one hand by the rectangular rimless housing and on the other hand by the possibility to operate several Infinibars by means of a single power supply, if they are connected to each other via the power sharing connectors. Alternatively, the Infinibar can also be operated independently of a power connection by means of its internal batteries, which are sufficient for about 80 minutes of operation.

Aputure Infinibar

The Aputure Infinibar uses OLED technology and can display a color temperature range of 2,000 to 10,000 including full green and magenta adjustment and has a CRI 96 color rendering index and TLCI of 98. Aputure offers the Infinibar in three lengths, each with a pixel density of 24 per foot: the Infinibar PB3 at 1 foot or approximately 30cm (24 pixels or lighting zones), the 2 foot (approximately 60cm) long PB6 with 48 pixels, and the largest model, the 120 cm / 3 foot long Infinibar PB12 with 96 pixels.

With the help of 10 differently shaped connectors, multiple Infinibars can be assembled together in any combination, for example to form a straight line, flat triangle, 3D triangle, flat hexagon, 3D hexagon, flat square or 3D square. However, only one straight connector is supplied per Infinibar, the remaining 9 connectors are available separately or as part of the Infinibar Multi-Light Shaping Kit.

The Infinibar can also be mounted directly to ferromagnetic surfaces using the built-in neodymium magnets, or mounted to stands and clamps using the included Infinibar rail and clamp system or the various 1/4-20 inch mounting points.

Aputure Infinibar - Sidus App

The Aputure Infinibar can be controlled (even in groups) wirelessly via Sidus Link App and LumenRadio CRMX, as well as wired via DMX. There are 9 lighting effects available for the entire light as well as 7 Pixel FX. Using the Pixel FX, each individual pixel can be controlled specifically via the Pixel Control function of the Sidus Link App - with the help of the new Magic Infinity FX function from Sidus Links, even up to 1,024 pixels can be addressed programmatically across multiple lights (around 13 meters of light bar). In addition to the integrated FX, up to 20 user-defined lighting effects can be defined and saved in the Sidus app.

Those who need more light can also use the Infinibar in the form of a large array - Aputure offers the Infinibar PB12 in an 8-light kit for this purpose, including a 330-watt power supply with 8-way splitters and additional accessories.

Aputure Infinibar in a 8-light kit

Optionally available for the Infinibar is a special softbox for additional light control, which can be used to further diffuse and attenuate the light, as well as a collapsible 45° light control grid, which can be attached to the Infinibar using Velcro straps.

Aputure Infinibar

Aputure Infinibar key features

- 30/60/120cm 27W RGBW full color LED pixel bar
- 24/48/96 individual pixels (lighting zones)
- Infinite blending design to reduce visible gaps when connecting multiple lights
- 10 splice connections: Straight, triangle flat, triangle 3D, hexagon flat, hexagon 3D, 3-way flat, 4-way flat, 6-way flat, square flat, square 3D
- Sharing of AC power across multiple INFINIBARs with splice connectors.
- Mounting: Infinibar clamp (baby pin) & neodymium magnets, 1/4-20 inch screw mount.
- Frosted diffusion layer for softer light and reduced glare
- Approx. 80 minutes battery life at maximum output (59.2Wh)
- Intelligent battery life modes: set runtime to 2/4/6/8 hours
- Brightness control from 0-100% in 0.1% increments
- Fully tunable CCT from 2,000K-10,000K + G/M adjustment.
- CRI: ≥96, TLCI: ≥98, TM-30 Rf (avg.) = 94, TM-30 Rg (avg.) = 103, SSI(D56) ≥74, SSI(daylight) ≥85
- ≥90% of colors in Rec.2020 color space.
- Advanced HSI with white point CCT control.
- Industry standard xy (CIE 1931), RGB, 300+ gel presets.
- Multiple control methods: Sidus Link® app, DMX/RDM via USB-C, LumenRadio CRMX
- 32 built-in DMX profiles: Supports DMX Loss Behaviors
- 9 System FX: Fireworks II, Fire II, Paparazzi II, Defective Bulb II, TV III, Pulse III, Patrol Car III, Flash III, Party II
- 7 pixel FX: color fade, color cycle, one pixel chase, two pixel chase, three pixel chase, rainbow, pixel fire
- Supports SidusPro FX: including Manual FX, System FX, Picker FX, Magic Program and Music FX
- Stores up to 10 custom FX and 10 music FX
- Frequency selection to reduce flicker
- Carrying case included
- Available in 8-light kit configurations
- Optional lighting control accessories: 1) softbox, 2) clip-on 45º lighting control grid

Aputure Infinibar

The Aputure Infinibar is available now - the Infinibar PB3 (30cm) costs around 386 Euro, the 2 foot approx. 60cm long PB6 costs 558 Euro and the 120 cm Infinibar PB12 with 96 pixels costs around 750 Euro .

Link more infos at bei www.aputure.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Aputure Infinibar: Neuer RGBWW-LED-Pixelbar als vielseitige Licht-Lösung für Filmemacher


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Aputure Infinibar: Neuer RGBWW-LED-Pixelbar als vielseitige Licht-Lösung für Filmemacher

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