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Atomos Ninja V/Ninja V+: Remote control via AtomRemote app and manual fan control

Atomos Ninja V/Ninja V+: Remote control via AtomRemote app and manual fan control

[12:28 thu,23.December 2021   by ]    

Until now, the AtomRemote App for iOS and macOS was limited to working with Atomo&s large Neon HDR Monitor/Recorder, which have built-in Bluetooth.

Thanks to the latest update, the app can now also be used as a remote control for the two compact monitor/recorder combos Ninja V and Ninja V+ - as long as they are equipped with the optional AtomX SYNC expansion module, which costs around 160 euros and provides wireless connectivity. In addition, Atomos has released an AtomOS 10.72 firmware update, which enables manual fan speed regulation on both devices.


AtomRemote App

Using the AtomRemote app, for example, LUTs can be set and on-screen tools such as Focus PeakingPeaking im Glossar erklärt can be activated, as well as recording and playback functions can be controlled. The ability to control the Ninja V/V+ remotely not only helps with awkward camera positions, but also serves to provide accessibility and compliance with COVID safety protocols where touching the Ninja V/V+ is not readily available.

With the addition of the AtomX SYNC module to the Ninja V/V+, any device running iOS 12 or later or a Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15) or later can be connected via Bluetooth LE or RF radio directly through the AtomRemote app. Device pairing is stored in the Ninja, so connecting is as simple as launching the app on the device and enabling remote mode on the Ninja.


The AtomX SYNC module uses TimecodeTimecode im Glossar erklärt Systems& patented long-range RF transmission and Bluetooth to wirelessly connect and synchronize multiple compatible devices over distances of up to 200 meters. On the iPhone and iPad, this includes apps such as Apogee&s MetaRecorder audio recorder, Mavis Pro camera and MovieSlate8 logging. AtomX SYNC is also compatible with professional audio recorders such as the ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt F6 and F8n and the ZoomZoom im Glossar erklärt F2 BT pocket transmitter.

AtomOS 10.72 Firmware Update for Ninja V and Ninja V+ Brings Manual Fan Control

Since in practice it is often necessary to find an ideal balance between maximum performance/functionality and fan noise when using the Ninja V and Ninja V+, Atomos enables manual fan control with the help of the latest firmware update AtomOS 10.72.
Thus, using several adaptive settings, the fan can now be set to a low speed when the device is recording. The screen&s brightness can also be turned down to extend the recording time. Turbo fan mode can be activated between recordings to allow fast cooling of the system.


Link more infos at bei www.atomos.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Atomos Ninja V/V+: Fernsteuerung per AtomRemote App und manuelle Lüfter-Kontrolle

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